Topic: People who switched from PC gaming to Switch, what was your reason?

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I'm in the 'why not both? camp and find that the Switch and PC complement each other well. There's the least crossover of all the major platforms in terms of the games you can get, and they do a pretty good job of covering each other's blind spots.

Fair play though, to those who've only got the time/money/patience for one.



I do both, but I've been finding myself getting more games on the Switch instead of PC as of lately, mainly just for portability reasons. I still purchase games on my PC that aren't available on the Switch, though.

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It was the console exclusives for me. I think I was part of that cohort of people for whom Nintendo dropped off the radar and then rediscovered it with the Switch. I don't know what it was. Maybe it was advertising I didn't consciously notice or maybe a friend mentioned it, but I was in the market for a console or a PC upgrade and I saw BotW and that was it.

Comparing the differences between them: I find consoles just easier to use than a PC. I don't have to worry about all the specifications. I don't need to buy all the gear. Just buy the game and turn on the Switch. I wish the Switch had a better library for certain games I'd like to play but it's probably for the best because I don't have time for all the games that catch my eye.


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