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Well this thread seems dead, but I got 60 gold coins for Labo yesterday, bringing my total to 160, so I thought I'd come to visit. MyNintnedo is 90% mobile focused right now but hoping the NSO service makes it a little more Switch focused somehow.

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I still really wish My Nintendo would do physical rewards, even something as simple as hats, pins or plush would be great!

Maybe a free amiibo from the Super Mario series at 1500 points or something like that, just basic choices like Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser & Toad.

Or fun little things like exclusive skins for your 3DS or Switch or the like.

Eagerly Awaiting Animal Crossing for Switch!


Ok, I was on My Nintendo UK site to see if we can pre-order the SNES controllers by going through My Nintendo, went to a store voucher (which you can use on the NES controllers) and there is two links to what you can spend them on :

This voucher can currently be used for the following items:

  • NES Controllers
  • Smartphone cases

A link to My Nintendo Exclusive Smartphone cases??? PHYSICAL REWARDS FROM MY NINTENDO UK???

Did anyone else know about this?

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I’ve stopped hoping for some of the Club Nintendo swag we used to get. I just use my gold coins on the eShop and platinum coins on wallpapers.


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Nothing too crazy, but with the latest My Nintendo rotation in North America, there's a 7 day free trial for Nintendo Switch Online available. It costs 100 platinum coins and can only be redeemed once.

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If anyone on here has ordered any of the physical rewards from My Nintendo, how long does it take to receive them? I see that they have added a Mario ornament for 800 platinum coins, and I am wondering that if I get that if there is any chance that it actually arrives by Christmas. Thanks.


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The North American My Nintendo is gradually fading out the 3DS software discounts. I first noticed this last month, and now they haven't added any new ones this month either. Below are the games left in each category. All are 30% discounts.

Mario Kart 7
Picross 3D Round 2
Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Mario Sports Superstars

I know some people complain about how "useful" My Nintendo is, but I have received some use from the 3DS software discounts over the years. As the system is discontinued, I figured it was only a matter of time before this happened.

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@faint Thanks. I went ahead and ordered it then. We get our kids an ornament for Christmas every year, so hopefully this one will arrive in time as my son will really like it.


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I ordered my Mario ornament too, it just said it has shipped. I did have to do some missions since I was like over 100 coins short, but it was worth it. lol

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I have a little over 900 coins banked on my Murican account at the moment. I'm hoping to bank enough to get the Season 2 fighter pass in Smash Ultimate, although I doubt I'll get there before they begin to expire early next year. If Rebel Galaxy Outlaw ever goes on deep discount between now and January...I'll probably pull the trigger. It's the closest thing to Elite Dangerous we'll ever get on Switch and the publisher has expressed zero interest in releasing the game physically.

I've also got 300-something on my Japanese account and 90 on my Europe account.

I spend my Sundays browsing both of those eShops looking for something interesting.

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I remember that i asked my friend (he lived in USA but spent vacation in hometown in Tokio) buy and bring here Nintendo Switch when it just released in 2017. I prepared gift to my little brother. Cost was about 40 000 YEN ( it's about 360 dollars) but i did not regret for a second cause my bro played it whole day and thanked me for gift. I played too and it was fascinatingly especially "The legend of Zelda" i really could spend 3-4 hours playing this game And nowadays i think to buy the Nintendo Switch Pro when selling start.

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