Topic: Do you think Nintendo will ever make a game where Link will talk?

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Maybe in an Zelda anime, Link will have a AMAZING voice...
OR maybe they will keep him silent...idk.

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Look at what happened when they gave Samus a voice in Other M.

Surely they wouldn't make the same mistake twice?



Her having a voice was not the problem with Other M.


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Also Samus is the opposite, since she spoke in Metroid Fusion without voice acting, whereas Link often has a voice but doesn't really speak.

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Then again, what if Samus’ voice was part of the problem. It was so monotone and sad…

Maybe if she had a valley girl or Disney Princess style voice it would’ve been different!

Quick, imagine Snow White reading her lines.

(Btw she also has lines in Super and Zero Mission)

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I’m fine with the grunts and yelling. Part of the charm of Zelda games is that Link is so flat. He is the generic hero in myth while the other characters are the real people whose deeds will be forgotten or overshadowed by embellished tales of Link. It fits the passed down tale nature of the series. Also he is in general a very boring character. Even when given a backstory/family. I live and die by Zelda games but trying to make him the main character rather than the narrative vehicle (moves the plot but not really part of it) would send me packing.

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This would be a nice concept and actually be fun!



I don't play Zelda games but imagine if Link's voice voiced by James Arnold Taylor (Ratchet from Ratchet & Clank, Tidus from FF X).

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sadly no


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I think it's possible. Who knows what Zelda games will be like in the next 20 years if they are still making them but if they do give him a voice having it be optional would be good. That way if you don't like it you can turn it off.

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