Topic: What games are you most proud to have in your collection?

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@Losermagnet That's how I mine. Back in the 90s when my local video got the next Gen stuff, N64, PS, Sega Saturn they sold off alot of their SNES, NES, Genesis, Sega CD and 32X games to make room for the new stuff. I got quite a few of my games that way.

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I'm most pleased to own Terranigma and the manual. I bought it from a friend for £7 (no box) around the time the N64 was released in the UK. It's my favourite game ever.

Last year I bought a 3DS and picked up PAL Chrono Trigger on DS for £50 - the most I've ever paid for a game I think, especially used. I remember SNES games being £59.99 when I was a kid, but they were usually Christmas or birthday presents from my mum.


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