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Wow, okay. This is something that has been bothering me for the longest dang time and I can't seem to get it out of my head, especially after watching all those "lost media" YouTube videos. Because every single time I watch one of those, I think, Hey! I remember some of those games (but specifically one) from my childhood that I apparently CANNOT seem to remember much from! And the names, either! If only I had the names..

All jokes aside, I've actually been searching for about a year and a half. Of course, it's hard not to lose interest when everything comes to a dead end and you almost give up after enough time. However! I'm actually hoping that by scanning all of these forums I can find a few people that may be lucky enough to remember what I'm talking about.

I'm hoping to list a few games which I played during that time, I believe. Perhaps that will help find the main lost one, since they were all purchased around the same time period? I don't know — at this point, even as I'm writing this stupid thing, I'm just hoping that someday this game (or these games) will be found. Because seriously. That would be amazing and this still remains a mystery to me.

Alright, so, HISTORY! The history of my childhood isn't too interesting, other than to note that a range of 2008-2010 is when I imagine my first Nintendo DS was purchased. My aunt took me into Best Buy, looked around, and said: "Pick out whatever you want and I'll buy it for you." I wasn't a teenager looking for a flatscreen TV or a copy of The Titanic. No, I immediately raced over to the games section and asked for the newest Nintendo DS.
I got the Nintendo DS.

I remember that time being some of the best in my life. I'd always been a huge fan of Mario and playing it with my mother, so all these new games were amazing! I mostly had animal games, since I was/am obsessed with them. I still briefly remember a few and STRONGLY remember the rest. Which is what I'm hoping to share here now, in hopes that they will be found again and will resurface to the internet...

The first two games I found from this time were Fossil Fighters and World of Zoo. I wasn't as obsessed with either as much as my other games, but definitely had a liking toward Fossil Fighters for the awesome dinosaurs and fighting (almost like a better version of Pokemon?), and World of Zoo for being able to customize the animals as crazy as I liked. Mostly with pinks and blues... Anywho, this led my search to be concluded that I received the Nintendo DS sometime between November 2009-??? 2010. Now, Fossil Fighters was released in 2008, but I imagine it easily could have continued selling in Best Buy stores, and if I got World of Zoo the same day we got the Nintendo DS I imagine that had to be the case, considering World of Zoo was released in October of 2009.
Okay, lots of dates. So maybe it's sort of sad that those are the only two games I have found (and played!) when all the rest were so much more interesting to me as a child (Fossil Fighters is super fun, though). I'm going to detail my most memorable games that I cannot remember the names of that were played during the time of the main mystery game. Any help would be super appreciated... seriously. My mind can't take much more of this empty black hole full of memories.

The first game, and the main one I've been trying to find for so long, was... well, details have been hard to acquire. But what I remember most is that it was almost a biome-oriented animal game? I know elephants and lions were present, and those termite mounds (maybe ant mounds because I think there were also anteaters? I don't remember).... god, those were the bane of my existence because they popped up EVERYWHERE. And they always grew and were so annoying and...agh! Anywho, like I said, details are minimum but the most interesting thing I know is that toward the end you're introduced to... monkeys in a jungle place/biome, I believe? And you received an egg, not knowing what it was, and... IT HATCHED! Into a Tyrannosaurus Rex? Or some type of carnivorous dinosaur, it's quite hard to remember but I'm almost certian that's what it was. It was something I remember playing over and over again and never getting bored of, especially the T-Rex. This game has been next to impossible to locate over the internet and it's really become a burden on my brain because I remember those little details so well.

Sad part about this one is that I've researched for hours and days and have never been able to come up with ANYTHING. It was not a zoo game (no, it wasn't Zoo Tycoon or Animal Crossing, thanks Google) and it was not something that even Nintendo helpers have been able to find. I've reached out to three and none have been able to find what I'm looking for. I tried to look at Best Buy stock/market records and nothing has come up — even my aunt remembers me playing this game. It was purchased in Houston, TX if that would help at all? But even then I'm not sure.

Like I said, any help would be SO appreciated for this. This is the game that's literally been keeping me up at night, and since my Nintendo DS was lost so long ago I simply cannot find what I'm looking for. Thanks all.

Now, these are some of the side games I remember that I liked but...well, not as much as the main/first one. I don't know the names of these Nintendo games but I remember a lot of details so just stick with me, yeah? Help on finding these would also be appreciated, but is not as needed (though it probably woud help the search go on).

1-- It was some type of dog/cat game where you could choose a different breed and maybe even...customize it a little??? I'm not sure, it's been so long and I really don't think it was Nintendogs... This one is hard because I hardly remember anything, but I think you fed and groomed and played with them in a house or something and they were all puppies and kittens. Ugh.

2-- This one was another dog one, and I think you had a husky or something??? It was some puppy in your house that you could take on walks (I think walks were almost set up like above-world Pokemon) and give baths to and stuff. Again, it's been almost a decade - I don't remember too much.

3-- Now, I know this one was some type of aquarium park...? You could set up different tanks around and just have your animals, although this wasn't one I particularly liked just because it got pretty boring pretty fast. I think you could have dolphins and killer whales or something.

Well, yeah... that about wraps it up! I may come back to edit this in the future if one or more of these Nintendo DS games are ever found, or if I ever remember more games from my childhood. Like I said, any help would be appreciated and is greatly needed. Seriously. I'd love to do something to find these, even a Discord server or something.

Thanks for reading, and if you tune in on the journey I will.... absolutely love you because no one has been able to figure any of these out. Perhaps, if we DO find these games, you can be in a future YouTube video someday on the history of the search! Would that bribe you?

Thanks again, and you all have a wonderful day. Or night.





For the pet games, you aren't talking about Nintendogs/Nintencats are you? And for the aquarium game - there is a game called "Aquarium" for the 3DS. It probably isn't what you're wanting, but I figured I would throw that out there anyway.

No idea about the main game, but I will look into it.

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I may have identified your games. I have not played any of them so I can't be sure about any of them but here goes:

The first game that comes to my mind when talking about a game that's like Nintendogs but isn't Nintendogs is the Petz series. There's also a game called Dogz that is part of the same series but with an isometric view. After a quick search through Wikipedia's list of games with a word dog, I also found Paws and Claws: Best Friends - Dogs & Cats which seems to be similar kind of game as well.

As for aquarium games, there are two games with the word aquarium in their title for the DS. One of them is called Aquarium (this one seems to have a different name in Japan and Europe) and the other is Fantasy Aquarium.

And last but not least, I believe your favorite may be SimAnimals Africa. I found an image which seems to fit your description and one review mentioned that you can unlock a T-Rex. It also came out in November 2009 so it would've been new back then.


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