Topic: Whatever happened to the Animal Crossing cards?

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Back in September, Nintendo tweeted this:

There was never a follow up. So I'm assuming they quietly got shipped in November and immediately disappeared. Blame the popularity of AC: NH and the current insanity around various trading cards.

Did anybody manage to snag some at the time? Would love to get my hands on some since they are pretty powerful - in fact I'd rank the "invite a villager" feature amongst the cooler that amiibo enables.

In general would think Nintendo would want to get a lot of these out since AC: NH is already so popular. Also pretty surprised that the game hasn't ushered in any new figurines yet. I guess Nintendo is still feeling the sting of the AC amiibo oversaturation from a few years ago. But I'd love me some Flick and C.J.



@bpapa2020 I was able to get a couple of packs of the Sanrio collection but havnt found any of the original villager card packs at all.

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