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I've just received my Shovel Knight triple amiibo pack and I've got to say, I'm not mad impressed with the quality of them. The eyes on Plague Knight and the grill on Spectre Knight are very fuzzy and wobbly. Spectre Knight even has what looks like a wispy hair painted into it's torso, which is kinda gross. King Knight also has a bunch of fuzzy patches and some blobs of black on his crown.

I know it's an entirely different factory and such, but given these cost more than regular amiibo, and they've taken so long, I'm a bit disappointed - a first time for anything Shovel Knight related for me!

Anyone else got them and had problems? Wondering if I just have a duff batch and should try for a replacement?

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The original Shovel Knight amiibo was of a lesser quality than regular amiibo as well.

It is to be expected from a product chiefly financed by a far smaller company with fewer resources.

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No this is a huge step back from the original Shovel Knight amiibo, that was more basic but overall the quality (of mine at least) was decent. I'll try and get some pictures.



Spectre Knight:

  • lots of misaligned and fuzzy edges
  • very messy face
  • hairs inside paint
  • flecks of brown on back of hood

King Knight:

  • super messy back
  • more fuzzy, misaligned edges
  • flecks of red and black on yellow areas, including his crown!

Plague Knight:

  • super messy edges on cains
  • fuzzy, not fully painted eye
  • gaps in paint on hands
  • blue paint bleeding into staff beak
  • area of staff that should be purple is both black and unpainted
  • green spray on blue areas
  • purple punch has visible yellow areas showing though from underneath

Really disappointing

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