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Anyone looking forward to these?

I'm gonna get Toad (for CT:TT) and maybe Bowser. I already own Mario and Yoshi (from the SSB. Collection).

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I have no monies to buy amiibo regularly, but I do appreciate the cross-compatibilty with the Smash-amiibo!



I might get Toad for Captain Toad and Mario Party. Not sure if I want to delete my Yoshi Smash data for Mario Party.

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I'm getting toad and possibly luigi. the rest I'm not using in smash so I'll use them in mario party. I like amiibo a bunch but I only want the collect all of the smash ones. Anything else will be on a per franchise basis.

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I'll get Toad for Captain Toad and Mario Party. I would get Bowser as well but I prefer the SSB pose for him over the Mario Party one.

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I'll probably get Toad because of Treasure Tracker. Anything else will probably just be for collection purposes because I'm not really planning on buying Mario Party 10.

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I'll get Peach and Toad (I can use Toad for Treasure Tracker)

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If I can't get Smash Bowser, I'll get this Bowser. Other than that, maybe Luigi possibly, but it depends on whether or not a game comes out in the future that would require me to delete my Smash Luigi data to use.

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Luigi and toad for me. Luigi looks better this way. However, I really hope that Nintendo doesn't phase out the smash figures, and replace them with these crappier versions, just because they May have less details and are probably easier to produce. Think about it, with less detailed amiibo, Nintendo can make more of them to meet demand. But that sucks for fans, because we can't get decently detailed figures, or even figures of rare characters! I would hate to see Nintendo's rich roster, be saturated with only scrappy mario party figures. I'd like the smash amiibo to be around for at least the rest of this year, and then be phased out by figures which also have great detail, like the smash ones did. These mario party ones just look so bland to me.

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I'm in for Yoshi and Toad myself.


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i will be buying them all make my smash shelf and my other games shelf. I may need another link at some point in time. bowser i think looks awesome in both versions. Luigi is WAY BETTER! peach is peach no matter what version. marth is also being re released as well yay



Just wanted to say that if anyone is ordering from the UK, are now taking pre-orders for the upcoming Smash wave and Super Mario classic series.

Managed to get Lucina, Robin, Bowser & Toad just now so thought I'd let you know the above.

Hope that helps. Happy gaming!

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I already have Mario, Peach and Yoshi and I'm not getting them again. The good thing though is that IMO with Yoshi I think both are good, Peach I reckon the Smash pose is marginally better and for Mario the Smash Pose is miles ahead. So I don't feel like I've got the worse ones of those.

For the rest I reckon Toad is worth it. Because Toad. Bowser I really want but IMO the Smash pose is quite a bit better. Not a lot but enough that if I had the option I'd go for Smash. Then there's Luigi where, because of the stand, the Mario series Luigi is significantly better. Which I think everyone seems to agree on which kinda concerns me a bit given what's happened with Amiibo so far.

..... and the sad thing is I actually really want to get all of those ones I mentioned

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Pac-Man and Toad are the ones I'm planning to get, though I may opt for Donkey Kong and some of the others depending on what they add to Mario Party 10. It wasn't clear to me from the Nintendo Direct if they unlock a game board or just add a small feature to the matching character board, but given they're apparently read-write for MP10 I can't think it's just going to be an unlock.

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Why don't they just let us save our amiibo data to a save file on the game itself so we can keep the data then transfer to an amiibo for storage when traveling to a friends or a tournament, that way they act more like USB flash drives so we don't have to completely delete everything we've worked for on smash to play an hour of mario party.



I vastly prefer these to the Smash ones, so I will repeat on Peach and Bowser and get me a Luigi and even a Yoshi.

I wonder if Toad will be the Villager/Marth/WFT of this collection.

I will comment in this thread, never being able to find it again.


Unaelith wrote:

Why don't they just let us save our amiibo data to a save file on the game itself so we can keep the data then transfer to an amiibo for storage when traveling to a friends or a tournament, that way they act more like USB flash drives so we don't have to completely delete everything we've worked for on smash to play an hour of mario party.

I kinda feel like most of the fun is having the data be actually inside the figurine. If it was saved to the system then what's the point? Plus I reckon if you really wanted to you could grab an NFC card reader/writer online somewhere and "backup" your Amiibo. They're about $50 though and I'm not 100% on how well it'd work..... and TBH I personally wouldn't see the point anyway....

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I do have one slight issue with toad. With him there is now no game that supports all Amiibo. At least with smash we could say all of them are supported. When I run MK8 very few are supported and even then it is a once touched always unlocked. Hyrule Warriors may technically support all Amiibo in the form as an item raffle but it is not the same.

I almost feel they should add toad to ssb. It is already hard enough to explain this compatibility to my wife. Somehow I do not think we will get a game fully supports all Amiibo until Animal Crossing Comes out on the Wii U.

That being said, I will be getting toad and I definitely think the Luigi pose is nicer and I am tempted to get him. Bowser is way too similar of a pose to a point where at first glance they could almost be indistinguishable. A slight head tilt and a slightly more open mouth is not enough and at that point it is more a case of what colour base do you want.

While having different series makes sense I think it is way too soon. It feels like on a store shelf it will just add brand confusion to an already confusing brand. They really needed to finish the ssb series first. This comes back to my issue with Toad. I understand why they need that character. It is the only reason why I can see the Mario series Amiibo needed to arrive.

It also make me a bit worried about how many different series Amiibo they will add over time. Animal Crossing May not bee that bad if they stick with villagers. As soon as you add the other characters it might get scary. A Tortimer Amiibo. Not sure what he will do but who knows. How about a Pokemon series of Amiibo? One for every Pokemon. Then we can complain that Trubbish is unavailable. The Support can be that if you have that Amiibo that it completes that entry in the Pokedex and you get that one added to your Pokemon bank.

Obviously even smash may be too hard to keep up and make playable character for them all and to balance them. But what about adding support to smash via assist trophy unlocks or by adding usable items to the game based on those Amiibo. That way we can still have a game with full support. That seems a bit more doable. I really hate the idea of having to make a pivot table to find out how I can play with my toys.



Getting Toad and Luigi as the Smash versions of the other characters are better by far.


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