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Hey there I am getting a 2ds soon. I have always wanted to play Legend of zelda Games. I have only played through the misnish Cap and thought it was good. I am planning on getting A LOZ game soon. I have 3 options. Ocarina of time 3d , A link between world, or Majora's Mask 3d . I have heard a lot about how fun ALBW is, heard about how adventurous OOT is, and have heard about how crreative MM is. This has lead to many confusion on which game is should buy. I was hoping you guys could answer 7 questions that I have. To let you now i am new the the zelda franchise.
My 7 questions are...
1.Which of the 3 should I buy
2.Which of the 3 is the most fun to play though and will absorb you and let you imagination be wild
which of these games gives you a good sastifiscation as in has the best characters and absorbs you
which of these game is the most enthralling and fun
5. Which of the game has the best story
6.Which of the game has the best puzzles/dungeons/
7. which of the 3 has the best game play
I really help you could answer these question and i appreciative that you are taking your time to answer these questions, thank you



also this is question 8
which game has the best atmosphere and unique personality
I hope you can answer this question to thank you



Well, to be honest you can't go wrong with any Zelda, just choose the one that gets your attention the most. Majora' Mask is enjoyed more after playing Ocarina of time though.

As for the other question, I think Okamiden (DS title) is a great option, even better than the Zelda games for me. I would also recommend Monster Hunter Stories if you are into turn based RPGs and collecting monsters. Both games offer a beautiful art style, detail, great soundtrack, unique characters and many hours to invest to find every secret. Shovel Knight is another great option if you haven't played that one.

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Disclaimer: I've played A Link Between Worlds and Ocarina of Time, but not Majora's Mask (Hopefully I'll get to it soon). I do know quite a bit about Majora's Mask, however.

1. Any of them are good, but as Roy mentioned above, Majora's Mask is a direct sequel to Ocarina of Time and is best played afterward.
2-4, 7. Honestly, you can't go wrong with any of them. Majora's Mask is known to have really dark themes (each area is more or less modeled after one of the five stages of grief), and there's a certain mechanic in it that some either love or hate. They're all really fun games with unique characters in each.
5. Out of the two of these that I've played...Ocarina of Time.
6. Again, Ocarina of Time. A Link Between Worlds has some really fun dungeons, too. Majora's Mask doesn't have many dungeons and seems to be a mixed bag as far as those go.
8. From lightest to darkest: A Link Between Worlds > Ocarina of Time > Majora's Mask.

Personally, I rank Ocarina of Time slightly above A Link Between Worlds, but that's just my opinion. You did mention that you've played Minish Cap, and ALBW uses a top-down perspective similar to that title. If you're going for familiarity, that may be a good place to start.

My hope is that you get to play all of them eventually!

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I've only played OoT and MM, but I'll answer regardless.
1. While OoT is one of my least favourite 3D Zelda games, get OoT first. MM is the sequel so it makes more sense to play OoT first.
2. MM in my opinion, but OoT can fit these descriptions just fine.
3. MM has the best characters.
4. In my opinion, MM is the most fun.
5. MM hands down.
6. Ooh, trying to think here... Nah, I can't, both have really great puzzles and dungeons.
7. MM, it being a sequel to OoT helps. It expands on OoT's gameplay and has some new mechanics.
8. MM, no question about it.

Since you're only just starting 3D Zelda, OoT would be better for you since MM just jumps you right in and you would have to start learning stuff quickly.

By the way, when you finish OoT, do the Master Quest. It's hard, but it's better than the normal game, you might need a walkthrough for some of those nonsensical puzzles though.


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Get all three. I enjoyed A Link Between Worlds the most. It was my first time playing a Zelda game. I think the transition from ALBW to OoT made some concepts easier to get use to.

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Just play them in order of original release - OoT, MM, ALBW.

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"1.Which of the 3 should I buy"
For someone who has only played Minish Cap, I would recommend A Link Between Worlds as it is in a similar style and is very beginner friendly in that the dungeons aren't too tough as they are intended to be played in any order.

"2. Which of the 3 is the most fun to play though and will absorb you and let you imagination be wild"
Once again, I will say ALBW because it allows more exploration with no set order in a mostly non-linear story. You will spend a lot of time exploring Hyrule, and it also has useful collectibles similar to the Kin Stones from Minish Cap, if that was a feature you enjoyed with the squid things that you can trade for item upgrades.

"3. which of these games gives you a good satisfaction as in has the best characters and absorbs you"
To me, this was OOT3D but to be fair, I have not played MM due to my general distaste in timers. All 3 of these games have great memorable characters, but I feel OOT3D are the most memorable overall.

"4. which of these game is the most enthralling and fun"
I had fun with both ALBW and OOT3D, having finished both and feeling very accomplished. They have different styles in a way, as ALBW is 2D Zelda similar to Minish cap (being a sequel to A Link to the past on Super NES) and OOT3D is a remake of a N64 game, which has been praised by most, though some find it overrated.

"5. Which of the game has the best story"
This could be subjective, all three games have pretty standard stories but MM is unique in it's reliance on side stories on top of the main narrative. As many have said before me though, it's best to play it after OOT3D. Just assume Hyrule is in danger and Link has to thwart the bad guy to save the kingdom.

"6.Which of the game has the best puzzles/dungeons/"
I would personally say OOT3D because the 8 dungeons are fairly lengthy and can be pretty tricky to figure out along with a few overworld puzzles that aren't too interesting. MM only has a few main dungeons but the puzzles are more set in the side quests on the overworld. ALBW has several main dungeons and the overworld can be one big puzzle with lots of things to uncover in a more open world approach than OOT3D. Once again, I haven't properly played MM so I can't comment much on that game, and I apologize if what I have said about it thus far has some errors.

"7. which of the 3 has the best game play"
ALBW has pretty simple mechanics and a very unique mechanic where Link can morph into a painting on the wall for interesting solutions to puzzles. OOT3D feels more epic and of course is in a 3D space, so it's not as straightforward as you may be used to from Minish Cap such as the lock-on battle system in a 3D space instead of hacking and shooting on a 2D plane. Whichever sounds interesting to you.

"8. which game has the best atmosphere and unique personality"
I would say it's a tie between ALBW and OOT3D as they both embody different eras and vastly different designs of Hyrule as a whole. OOT3D seems smaller in comparison though, and ALBW has all of the SNES era of Hyrule with both light world and dark world working for it. OOT3D has a similar mechanic with time travel, but it's not as different as ALBW.

All in all, I would not recommend Majora's Mask 3D to you right away. If it is really something you are considering, it's worth noting that both OOT3D and ALBW are considered 'players choice' titles and thus both of them together cost the same as a single copy of Majora's Mask 3D.

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PleaseHelp wrote:

1.Which of the 3 should I buy

Think about if you prefer a 3D adventure or a 2D adventure. If you pick 2D, go with ALBTW. If you pick 3D, go for OOT or MM.

Also think about how you feel about games with a constant time-limit. Because in MM the clock is constantly ticking down and it can feel quite stressful.

PleaseHelp wrote:

2.Which of the 3 is the most fun to play though and will absorb you and let you imagination be wild
which of these games gives you a good sastifiscation as in has the best characters and absorbs you
which of these game is the most enthralling and fun

Most fun to play: ALBTW
Best game to go wild with you imagination: OOT
Most satisfactory game: ALBTW
Best characters: MM

PleaseHelp wrote:

5. Which of the game has the best story

Probably MM or OOT, but the story in all three is pretty weak.

PleaseHelp wrote:

6.Which of the game has the best puzzles/dungeons/

Best puzzles: ALBTW
Best dungeons: OOT

PleaseHelp wrote:

7. which of the 3 has the best game play

Depends on what type of gameplay your looking for. Out of MM and OOT, OOT has better gameplay. ALBW and OOT both have great gameplay, but are not really comparable.

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The answer is obvious and it starts with O.

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If you want 2D, get Link to the Past (SNES virtual Console)
If you want 3D, get Ocarina of Time


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Either Ocarina of ALBW would be good starting points.
Majora's is a bit too weird and doesn't represent the rest of the series very well.

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If you have the money you could get both a Link between Worlds and Ocarina of Time since they're both part of the Nintendo Select line, both of them being $19.99. In the UK they're £15.99.

I have played all 3 games, though OOT I originally played on the N64 and later on the 3DS. If you enjoyed the Minish Cap I would suggest going with a Link between Worlds, since it's closest in gameplay. However, if you feel like you're up to a 3D Zelda, go for OOT first, then Majora's Mask. OOT is easier than Majora's Mask, and of course sets the basis for many future 3D Zeldas, Breath of the Wild excluded.

In order, I would recommend ALBW first, then OOT, then MM. Of course, if you could, get all of them, they're all gems.

Oh, and I feel MM had the most memorable characters, followed by OOT, then ALBW.

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Can anyone tell. Is this worth buying


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@Octane ocarina of time sorry I didn't mention it before


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@8-Bit_Superman thanks man/woman I just needed a second opinion on which one I should get


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@8-Bit_Superman thanks for the cheerful comment
Also I like how you username is 8_bit superman but your logo is batman

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You pretty much have to play Ocarina of Time before Majora's Mask. Even though MM is the better game, it kind of throws you in expecting you to already know how to play while only giving you hints on what to do and where to go. OoT slowly eases you in while teaching you the games mechanics, and is easier to figure out on what to do.


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