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Hey guys, im here to give my thoughts on Steamworld dig, im not attacking it in anyway, just in my personal opinion i beat it the other day and i was kinda amazed with how short it is for the $8 pricetag, i'll admit i got it on sale, but still i would had been a little upset if i payed the actual price. Its an Great game, i had plenty of fun within the first two worlds, it probably took me Three hours just to get through the first world and about 2-3 hours on the second world. To be honest im not sure if i just had a lot of time or what but i finished the second and the third in probably 2 hours which at the end of the game came out with 6 hours and 14 minutes playtime for beating the game. To be honest im not expecting 20 hours + but i wanted replay value, i dont remember if there was a difficulty option but still that should not be the reason to give me more hours of gameplay, i would have liked the Worlds to be Way deeper as well as the character being able to level up a few more times, it was quiet easy to level to max and i feel like there should have been a Longer harder last level. Please correct me if im wrong, im a young adult, maybe the game was intended for a younger audience and would last longer with them? i mean even when i got the metal detector, i grabbed every metal within the first two worlds, i didnt even bother with the last world. I got excited to see that there might be a sequel and i would buy this in a heartbeat if it was longer with a reasonable pricetag, I would love to grab the turned based in the same universe but sadly with that hefty pricetag, and with the amount of hours in the last game, i would have to wait for another sale.

Please give thoughts! how long did it take for you guys to complete the game? did you enjoy it? Feedback!

PS: Does the Series remind anyone else of Oddworld! it was a great feeling to play a similar game.

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Feel free to discuss it here. and don't worry about it being an old thread, it's game specific.


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