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Mully wrote:

I like Nintendo Video but 3 videos at a time is a little stifling. Why not have more? Or get rid of the Nintendo Video is channel at least. As far as you guys who are bemoaning the content, I think it's fine. The CollegeHumor videos are amusing. It's free content. What do you expect?

I expect a Youtube app, that's what I expect.

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Terrible, absolutely terrible. I feel like a thug, a robber. Take it back! Take it all back! I beg you!

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Magi wrote:

yoyogamer wrote:

As of right now:
-20 Ambassador Games
-Pokedex 3D
-AR Games
-Face Raiders
-Find Mii
Puzzle Swap
-3D Classics Exitebike
-Nintendo Video
-Four Swords
-Internet Browser
-Flipnote 3D

Thats 30 free Games/Apps for those of us who bought the system before July 7th... If that doesn't satisfy, you may want to consider yourself spoiled.

Well, if we're splitting hairs, Excitebike isn't free any more.

But in all honesty, free is free and I'll never complain much about something that's free. Unlike many of my coworkers...

But he said before July 7th.

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TeeJay wrote:

I expect a Youtube app, that's what I expect.

More than likely won't happen :/

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I'm fine with the amount given so far. I bought the system not for the apps, but for the games. Would more free stuff be appreciated? Yes, but if nothing more came, I think I'll be fine.

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To be honest I only open Pokedex 3D for the daily thrill of seeing a new pokemon in 3D. It's not much but its nice to have something on your 3DS software (especially if its free). 3D-Classics Excitebike I use rarely if I'm bored. It provides some entertainment, and was a nce freebie, but I would never recomment anyone paying for it at its current pricing. Nintendo Video is alright, although they seem to only produce Oscar's Oasis and Magic Tricks that I'm not interested in (but its good to have a designated Video software instead of downloading them seperately [Reference: E3 Trailers]).

These are all fine but what I'm really waiting for is the 20 free games, Zelda: Four Swords and Flipnote Memo

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Flipnote Memo WOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!

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