Topic: Can I have digital and physical copy's of the same game on a 3ds?

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So I want to download another copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf on my 3ds, but I also all ready have a physical version of the game, would It screw up any data with my hard copy if I got the digital version?



I'm fairly sure you can have both, and it will have different save files for each version. You can also transfer your save file from a physical copy to a digital copy if you want to.

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The digital copy for 3DS games will be counted as individual games so you can have two different island from physical and digital version of ACNL. The digital version will not overwrite the physical copy and vice versa.
And do remember, Save Data for 3DS games will be saved into its cartridge except one 3DS game Fantasy Life that the Save Data saved into 3DS internal system.

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Ok thanks to both of you, I'm downloading the game right now.



While on this DLC downloaded for digital also detected on the physical cartridge??

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