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@Mikmoomamimocki Haha I didn't know that!! Capcom had a sale at Christmas holidays so I didn't expect to happen again so soon. You are very lucky as 4.99$ for Street fighter iv is a steal!
Very good offer also is monster Hunter 4 ultimate for 8.99$.
If you are into monster Hunter series or you want to begin, mh4u is a great game with many online gamers till today. Give it a try with patience and you can get a game with hundrends hours of hunting and addictive gameplay!



@Guile Thanks for the help. For now I think I'll just get IV. Believe it or not, at this point it's CHEAPER than 2! If I like the gameplay and want to check out II Turbo, I'll get it later.



@Mikmoomamimocki I've noticed that when Capcom has sales on the Switch eShop, which are reported on the main NL page, they sometimes run sales on the 3DS eShop as well.

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For all the lovers of stereoscopic 3d, here is my list of eshop 3ds games. Some of these games are exclusives on 3ds, some not but if you like the 3d feature of the console and play the games with the slider to the max, then the 3ds is your only option.
In random order:
1)Kirby Fighters DX
2)Kirby Blowout blast
3)Cave story
4)Dillon's Rolling western
5)Crimson Shroud
6)Liberation maiden
7)Gunman Clive 1+2
8)Mighty switch force 1+2
9)Inazuma eleven
10)Rage of the cladiator
11)Steel empire
12)River city: knights of justice
13)Cursed Castillia
14)The keep
15)80's overdrive
16)Legend of dark witch 3 (only the third of the trilogy uses stereoscopic 3d)
17)Miles and Kilo
18)Phoenix Wright spirit of justice
19)Phoenix Wright dual destinies
20)Dragon fantasy the volume of westeria
21)Dragon fantasy the Black tome of ice

Also the Nintendo 3d classics (six games kirby, kid icarus, xevious etc)
And Sega 3d classics except those games of volume 2 that came in physical on all regions.
Every week some of them are on sale so you should check.
If you have some others eshop titles that's worth buying and uses the 3d feature you will be very helpful.

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New user here, but I have been playing with Nintendo for over 30 years.

Now with the 3DS eShop closing soon, I am curious about the old school game that Nintendo reworked and released in the past, the Game & Watch series.

I do know that there are 3 GB/GBC games, the G &W galleries that have collection of the older games reworked for GB, and the individual DSiWare games that were released. I know a few are considered good (ignoring the repetitive nature to score higher) like DK Jr, Mario Cement Factory, and Vermin (are the rest good?). For those whom have bought and played these games, which ones offer the definitive experience?



So with the Capcom games on sale I was wondering if I should get Monster Hunter 4 or Monster Hunter Generations? I could get Monster Hunter Generation Ultimate on Switch eventually, but not MH4. Which one do you prefer?

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@LiNeR Same problem here mate the previous year. I had bought mh4u, I liked the series so much that I wanted to go in generations in no time. I decided to buy it for switch as it's the ultimate edition and plays hell better than my beloved 3ds. So in my opinion you should buy mh4u on 3ds and mh generation on switch. 5 bucks is a steal for mh4u. Very good story Mode, excellent stereoscopic 3d,still active online players.!
I made an exception with Mh3u as I have it on both 3ds and wiiu due to cross save.

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@LiNeR 4U, it's probably still my #1 MH game...

Anyways yeah, I'm here now. Ever since Nintendo announced that they're bringing the 3DS eShop down (well, Wii U too, but I don't have that anymore. xD), I've been messing with my 3DS more, even bought a couple of retail games just to have that I wanted to play but never got around to it. (Planet Robobot and Bowser's Inside Story, loved the original, decided to go for the remake)

Also redownloading most games that I've bought on here before I forget again and it's too late. But also...I miss the Electroplankton stuff, and getting the DS game is like...$200...yeah, no thanks. I'll just buy them individually on here for $2 each. Dunno why they didn't just release the retail on here as an option as well. Weird...

Anyways yeah, the eShop going's making me want to play the 3DS again. xD

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Capcom is having a VERY nice sale on their 3DS 3Shop games. Games like Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate are just $5 each while the Resident Evil games are just $2 apiece.



A lot of Sega games are back on sale on the 3DS eShop.

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The Ace Attorney games are on sale right now. Just bought the Ace Attorney trilogy for 11 dollars CAD. Never played these games before but heard great things. Absolutely love it so far!

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Not looking for any recommendations, but just wanted to remind everyone that there is 10 days until credit card purchases end!


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