• News Picross e8 is Heading to 3DS in North America This Week

    With some new puzzles in time for the holidays

    Nintendo has revealed that the latest entry in Picross' 'e' series, Picross e8, will be released on Nintendo 3DS in the US on 21st December. Just like previous titles in the series, this eighth entry will pit players against grid-like puzzles where numbers help to determine which squares should be...



  • News Picross e7 Launches in North America Tomorrow

    European release is next week

    The Picross series has always been a reliable portable offering from Nintendo, providing relaxing, thought provoking puzzle gameplay. It seems that Jupiter Corporation—the development studio—has really doubled down this generation, as we've so far received six Picross e games along with Zelda and Pokémon spinoffs,...


  • News Picross e7 is Heading to Japan Very Soon

    Not so puzzling

    The 3DS eShop is packed full of quality Picross games, most of which have been developed by Jupiter Corporation. It's released six Picross e games and also developed My Nintendo Picross: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and has now confirmed that Picross e7 is close to release. It's due out in Japan on 27th April and will...




  • News Picross e4 Is Coming To Western 3DS eShops This April

    North American and European releases confirmed

    Picross e4 developer Jupiter has confirmed to Nintendo Everything that the game will be coming to the west in April. The game launched in Japan in November last year, and is the latest in a long line of Picross e titles. Jupiter has also confirmed that the North American and European releases will...