• News Armillo Update Arrives in Europe

    Roll up, roll up

    Armillo is a rather enjoyable title on the Wii U eShop, exclusive to the platform at present, and certainly has some keen fans throughout the Nintendo community. The launch day version wasn't without problems, however, and developer Fuzzy Wuzzy Games recently released a patch in North America to resolve issues with the framerate,...

  • News Armillo Patch Rolls Onto Wii U to Fix Framerate and Completion Issues

    Out now in North America, Europe needs to wait

    Armillo is a solid 'rolling platformer' on the Wii U eShop that's earned some loyal fans, though developer Fuzzy Wuzzy Games was quick to acknowledge that the release wasn't quite at its best on day one. Work has been ongoing on an update, as a result, to improve the framerate and to resolve some issues...


  • News Armillo Update Rolling Through Nintendo Approval Process

    Shouldn't be too long now

    Armillo has been another solid addition to the Wii U eShop library in recent times, earning a positive 8/10 in our review. Developer Fuzzy Wuzzy Games has acknowledged that some aspects of the experience could be better, however, and has been diligently working on an update. A Miiverse update has confirmed that this v1.1...




  • News Armillo Release Date Pushed Back Into May

    Was originally aiming to roll into the Wii U eShop on 24th March

    Armillo has long been on the watch lists for some Wii U owners; it was originally revealed in early 2013. Plenty of effort has clearly gone into the project, which has promising-looking gameplay and will be a timed exclusive on Nintendo's home console. It had been targeting a release...



  • News Armillo Set To Support Off-TV Play

    Fuzzy Wuzzy Games could implement touchscreen support too

    Fuzzy Wuzzy Games is currently developing Armillo, a 3D platformer with levels designed around a set of obstacle courses, and it's expected to roll into the Wii U eShop at some point this year. The developer has now revealed on Twitter it has integrated off-TV play to the current build of...