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Tue 14th May 2013

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RoadShow commented on Ubisoft Reveals E3 Lineup:


Some of what I said was based off what EA said about WiiU. Me I'm just extremely disappointed in the WiiU and it will be very obvious once PS4 gets here how bad it is.

I love Nintendo though! Please don't take what I say as trolling because there is only one gaming platform out there that deserves to be treated like crap, and that's because they treat their customers like crap...yep Micro$oft's XBone

Can't browse the internet, access streaming services, online play or even cross game chat without paying $60/year = $300 every 5 years.

Thank you Nintendo for continuing free online play, no charge to access streaming services or browser on the WiiU. I will get one some day but right now all my money is going to Sony.



RoadShow commented on Ubisoft Reveals E3 Lineup:

@GoombaSlayer Damnit, you are right. I will have to comment on my normal news sites that I'm disappointed they didn't bring this to my attention.

However they still said "We are building titles for the Nintendo console, but not anywhere near as many as we are for PS or Xbox,"

The first dude said that Frostbite 2 sucked on WiiU and they weren't even trying Frostbite 3. Most new EA titles will utilize Frostbite 3 so I imagine the fewer games he's talking about is everything else they haven't moved to Frostbite.



RoadShow commented on Ubisoft Reveals E3 Lineup:

@Shiryu I hope you aren't thinking EA on WiiU. Have you read the news lately?

EA has no games in development for WiiU and they called the hardware "crap". EA recently received rights for Star Wars games so I guess that's no Battlefield or Star Wars on WiiU.

I love Nintendo but they have done a lot of wrong things lately and WiiU being the biggest mistake. They wanted to win back the hardcore market by releasing a console some say is less powerful than an 8 year old 360.



RoadShow commented on WWE 2K14 Set To Skip Wii U:


EA said that WiiU is crap and is not even as powerful as an 8 year old Xbox 360 which of course is less powerful than a PS3.

They said that Frostbite 2 (Battlefield 3) showed such poor results on the hardware that they weren't even trying Frostbite 3.

Ubisoft has developer kits collecting dust. Nintendo needed a more powerful console to get the "Core" market they were supposedly coming after. How do you expect a weak console to compare when the real next gen arrives?



RoadShow commented on EA Currently Has No Games In Development For T...:

Actually EA said that the Wii U is crap and that it's less powerful than an 8 year old Xbox 360 (which of course is less powerful than a PS3).

Nintendo, you cannot win back the core market if your console is as powerful as the last generation. You should have gone all out for the WiiU but instead you are getting game after game not coming to it because it's not powerful enough.

On top of that you didn't improve your motion controller which is far below the quality of PS Move. Kinect is junk IMO, laggy misreading command junk directly responsible for no good games on 360 for 3 years in a row.

The Wii was only successful because of a handful of unique things that just went right for Nintendo.

(1) Wii mote was innovative. Sure PS Eye on PS2 had hands free kinectic and several motion games but Wii innovated very well.

(2) Retro gamers like me could finally put our NES, SNES, Genesis, N64 & Gamecube in storage (mostly, not all games are on Wii) and play our games wirelessly on an awesome 21st century style NES controller (holding wii mote sideways brought feelings of nostalgia).

(3) Wii Fit came at the perfect time. Nursing homes, soccer moms, wives/girlfriends all bought a Wii just for Wii Fit.

(4) Wii was much cheaper than PS3/360 for years.

But I'm upset with Wii because Nintendo didn't put more games like New Super Mario Bros Wii on it and kept their game prices high. No reason Donky Kong Country should be $40 years after release when PS3/360 games come down to $20-30 within a year. Also Nintendo selects is a joke, 5 games and one of them is bundled with the Wii.



RoadShow commented on WWE 2K14 Set To Skip Wii U:

@GarinT Nintendo will not be holding a press conference at E3. Hopefully some great games will be announced.

I'm very interested in Yarn Yoshi and the new 3D Mario game rumored. But I would love to see another New Super Mario Bros...I want a New Super Mario Bros World.

Also I hope that Nintendo doesn't do with the WiiU that they did with the Wii. Keeping the game prices high. They should be around $30 a year after release, not $40 3 years after release.



RoadShow commented on WWE 2K14 Set To Skip Wii U:

@DESS-M-8 I hope by balls you mean it was awesome because that Star Trek game was the best console Star Trek game ever.

Wii U is supposed to be more powerful than PS3/360, I've seen conflicting reports and if it is then only by a tiny little bit. This was supposed to be Nintendo's bid to return to the hardcore market but instead it will be left behind when the true next gen arrives.

Also I read that EA said that Frostbite 2 showed poor results on WiiU and that they weren't even trying Frostbite 3. That means no Battlefield and no Star Wars which is a huge hit against Nintendo. Adding things like Rayman being multi plat, this game and many others not coming to the console...a console that really needs games is just a very bad thing.



RoadShow commented on WWE 2K14 Set To Skip Wii U:

Wow really? What is Nintendo thinking?

Nintendo should have done more with the WiiU. Just because Wii was behind the times and succeeded doesn't mean the WiiU could do the same. Yes WiiU will be okay but I expect numbers to be low, like 25-35 million lifetime sales.

I have a list of complaints about the Wii too which actually is making me rethink buying a WiiU but anyways regarding WiiU. It's just not powerful enough, Nintendo should have gone all out for the WiiU and made it at least almost as powerful as PS4/720 will be. Because now you have all these developers not developing for Nintendo and that's not good.

No Battlefield has already been confirmed so WiiU already lost a major battle there. But now EA has scooped up Star Wars rights and since Frostbite 2 never the less 3 doesn't work well on WiiU you can kiss Star Wars goodbye on Nintendo too.

This game is no big deal, add this game not coming to WiiU with the list of others, the fact the console is not as powerful as current consoles (depends on who you ask, FB2 works well on 360/PS3 but not WiiU) and that Nintendo left a bad taste in my mouth with the Wii makes me not want to get one.

On the Wii, Nintendo should have done more to get game costs down. Donky kong being $40, 3 years after release is unacceptable. Having 5 games on the nintendo selects list sucked too. Having only 1 good mario game sucked and not getting the right wii ware games (i've been dying to play Star Trek game from Super Nintendo days).