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Mon 2nd Mar 2009

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DiggerandIndy commented on Review: Dr. Mario (3DS Virtual Console / Game ...:

I have a second opinion; I disagree strongly on the rating. 5/10? More like 8/10 IMO. My biggest complaint is the later levels, making pill-stacking more precarious, but other than that, this game's equally as fun to play as the NES version.



DiggerandIndy commented on Feature: Remembering the Super Game Boy:

I owned a Super Game Boy once, but I sold it and got a Game Boy Player for the GameCube. "Who needs a Super Game Boy when you got a Game Boy Player?" I thought to myself. "After all, the GBP can play all 3 GB families; the SGB can only play 1 1/2!" The Japanese SGB and SGB 2 sure is sleek-looking, though.



DiggerandIndy commented on Feature: Nintendo 64 Let-Downs, Head Scratcher...:

My biggest complaint is the controller; the analog stick has a bad habit of wearing out after hard use. I wish somebody, somewhere, invented an adapter that lets you use controllers from other systems (i.e. the GameCube controller) into the 64-bit powerhouse, but to no avail. The closest thing I've seen is a controller from Hori, but it's only for Japan.



DiggerandIndy commented on Feature: Staff Memories of the Game Boy Advance:

I remember getting a purple GBA original for my birthday, along with Super Mario Advance. A few years later I nabbed a GBA SP NES Edition, which I still have to this day. IMO the best part of the GBA is it can play GB and GBC games. That's 3 systems in one!!



DiggerandIndy commented on Feature: 20 Years of the Super NES:

I have tons of memories with the system, such as watching my dad play Final Fantasy II and III on there, and playing a ton of games that are absolute classics. The SNES is my favorite system, better than the Genesis!



DiggerandIndy commented on Talking Point: What If Nintendo Became a Third...:

I don't think Nintendo should become a third-party at all. They are the INVENTORS of video games, not followers. I think all the third-parties that are supposed to support Nintendo should clean up their act and do something about these garbage games that keeps flooding Nintendo's online shops!