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Wed 4th Feb 2009

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anthonyb commented on Nintendo Download: Jedis, Drills and Bubbles (US):

Well there's not really anything I see here that catches my interest. Back to XBLA... Speaking of which- If any of you have a 360, I'd highly recommend Shadow Complex and/or Trials HD. Both excellent games, and highly addictive.



anthonyb commented on Flipnote Petition Says "We Want Smash Bros. DS!":

I like the approach, but there should be another way to get Nintendo's attention. I'm sure they have a long list of games people want- Nintendo surely knows that some fans would like such a game. I think if Nintendo saw an opportunity to make SSB:DS and thought it would sell well, they'd make it. I'm just a man, and I can see that this game might be a bad business decision- SSB is probably better left on a home console, especially considering how high-octane the game is. I used to wish for a portable version too, but now I think I'd rather see other games come to my DS.



anthonyb commented on Wii "Most Reliable Console of This Generation":

@TourianTourist: Thanks, that's good to know- I appreciate it. Now I recall that you can indeed save data on SD- a friend mentioned he had the same problem you did when trying to transfer his Brawl data. That's pretty frustrating considering it's such a popular Wii game! Well take care of your console, cuz if you have to send it in, it's likely you won't get that data back.



anthonyb commented on Wii "Most Reliable Console of This Generation":

As for the 360 issue, it's amazing how many people have encountered problems! Even I have had issues and I've owned an Elite 360 for about 5 months now. But I have to say, the online community is so great and the games so epic that I'd do anything to repair it. XD Xbox Live is a killer service- not necessarily because I say so- but because of the fact that not only the hardware is faulty, you have to pay for a gold membership. Meaning that if so many people still participate in Live, with both of these points considered, it must be damn good.



anthonyb commented on Wii "Most Reliable Console of This Generation":

My Wii shorted out somehow and I ended up having to send it in to Nintendo. I paid them 70-80 bucks for the whole deal, which I can't complain about too much. I think it never should have happened though (I take good care of my hardware). If only Nintendo would create external hard drives! I had to download every game again (I have a LOT of VC/WiiWare). This was all before the SD card update, of course. And unfortunately all of my retail game data (Mario Galaxy, Zelda TP) was annihilated.

So it can be frustrating when your Wii needs to be repaired, but it's not nearly as frustrating as the fact that all data and downloadable content is contained the console, rather than external memory like the 360.. But now that I think about it.. Can you copy your save files from Wii games to an SD card? I assume you can, but I still have to complain about the hard drive issue.



anthonyb commented on Cyber-Squatter Uses PSPgo's Web Domain to Pimp...:

I think it's funny that it was used for DSi advertisement! XD It's seems I just missed it though- it appears someone has already taken it down. Oh well.

@Chicken Brutus: I'm glad someone stepped in and stopped the whole "first!" thing- that gets irritating, and I'm simply a reader. Also, same thing with the "Corbie only gives 7's". Both of those type comments are indeed old- I was actually wanting to inquire about that a while back. Anywho, cheers to more engaging comments!



anthonyb commented on First Video of myNotebook:

Think of the app as a way of "going green". Sure you could buy a notepad and pencil, easy. But think of how enviromentally friendly you'll be carrying your DSi instead, and you'll look much cooler doing so.



anthonyb commented on La-Mulana Coming to WiiWare:

"Those screenshots look simply gorgeous. My jaw hit the floor when I saw them."

My thoughts exactly! I can't wait to play this.



anthonyb commented on Interviews: Super Meat Boy - Team Meat:

I don't understand why everyone is offended by the language. "you should probably take a look at yourself and grow up." How about you grow up and stop making such a big deal? I'd think letting something like "Cockawesome" offend you is a sign of immaturity.



anthonyb commented on The Legendary Starfy Avatar Contest Winner:

"anthonyb's sawblade Starfy was one I really liked, but it was deemed ineligible because it wasn't set as his avatar."

Aww dang it!!!! Poo, I should've entered that one then! Well I feel honored anyway- thanks Corbie! I should've taken the hint haha!



anthonyb commented on The Legendary Starfy Avatar Contest:

Weird. I just logged back in and my avatar had changed. o_O Oh well. Changed it back.

Blackdragon's luma avatar is my new fave! I'm playing through Galaxy now, and love those guys.

@KnucklesSonic8: Thanks man! I was thinking of incorporating Kirby at first, but it looks like great minds think alike.