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    Review Cycle 28

    Break the cycle, or the cycle will break you

    Welcome to Lieutenant Olivia Bergen’s personal hell. Getting herself separated from the rest of the fleet, her nimble little space ship gets perpetually stuck in an endless cycle of space combat against impossible odds. But death is hardly the end in this intergalactic Groundhog Day simulator, and there...

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    Review Bud Spencer & Terence Hill - Slaps and Beans

    Slappers only!

    Violence solves nothing… unless you’re in a Bud Spencer and Terence Hill movie, then it pretty much solves everything. If you are part of the generation which grew up in the '70s and '80s, it was impossible to avoid the Italian duo’s numerous adventures during afternoon movie sessions on television. The sets varied from...

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    Review Chicken Assassin: Reloaded


    Everybody knows that the bird is the word on the Nintendo Switch. We got your humble Cuccos in the greatest Legend of Zelda ever made, a chicken who lays bombs, a duck who can throw down with the best of the best and even a boy who is an owl. Joining the feathered ranks is Mean Mcallister, the toughest chicken in t

  • News Hamster's Neo Geo Hot Streak On The Switch eShop Continues With Six New Confirmed Games

    Will it ever stop?

    Did you know that Hamster is the Switch's number one publisher when it comes to sheer volume of titles available on the console? And it's showing no sign of slowing down any time soon with the reveal of the next six upcoming titles.  The King of Fighters ‘97 Prehistoric Isle 2 Metal Slug 4

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    Switch eShop

    Review VSR: Void Space Racing

    Now this is pod racing!

    Despite our clever Episode I reference in the tag-line, to understand VSR: Void Space Racing you need to forget everything you know about the physics in the Star Wars movies; the only sci-fi that can help you here is The Expanse. While we're not saying you need a Newtonian Physics degree to pilot these ships, having...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Johnny Turbo's Arcade: Express Raider

    It’s high noon robbery!

    In this vintage 1986 Data East classic, you step into the snakeskin shoes of the toughest hombre in the West. In fact, you're so tough you never even use your guns when robbing odd-numbered trains. This translates into a game of two halves, each with distinct gameplay mechanics. It was certainly fresh back in 1986 and...

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    Review MotoGP 18

    Hang-On to the virtual asphalt, or your money?

    Motorbike enthusiasts have had it rough on Switch, which is why the news that Milestone is bringing its officially-licensed motorcycle racing series to Nintendo’s hybrid console has been greeted with such enthusiasm by faithful followers of two-wheel racing. But does this version finish on the podium,...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Another World

    Another Mike Aruba

    Éric Chahi's 1991 Commodore Amiga masterpiece has been ported to every system that could possibly run the game. After the 20th Anniversary Edition made the successful jump to both Wii U and 3DS, Lester has now been conveniently teleported onto the Switch. But is this Another World too far? It could happen to any genius...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Assault Gunners HD Edition

    Barely meching it

    Niche genre Switch owners have had a rough first year attending to their unique appetites, yet slowly but surely several releases have been filling those tricky gaps. The potential for a Switch mecha game has remained untapped bar the odd eShop and SD Gundam re-release title, but we all know that

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    Switch eShop

    Review Squids Odyssey

    The return of the flinging cephalopods

    You might have stumbled upon The Game Baker’s Squids Odyssey before since this charming adventure/strategy/underwater billiard simulator has been previously released on both the Wii U and the 3DS. But is Steev and Vahine’s epic quest to save every creature in the sea worth another go or is it destined to...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Johnny Turbo's Arcade: Two Crude Dudes

    Are you a crude enough dude to rescue New York?

    The bombs fell in New York back in 2010 and turned the once prosperous metropolis into a nightmarish radioactive junkyard. It is now the year 2030 and the U.S government has decided to take back the city from the criminal ‘Big Valley’ gang of freakish mutants. But with the Bad Dudes now well into...

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    Review Miles & Kilo

    Two very good boys

    Hot on the heels of the charming retro platform antics of Kid Tripp, developer Four Horses new game hopes that lightning strikes twice among 8-bit-loving Switch aficionados. But can Miles & Kilo really stand on their six legs? Flying a plane trough rough weather is always a perilous proposition, but doing so over a haunted...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Arcade Archives Renegade

    The Kunio-kun origin story

    Hamster is really spoiling us with this port, because unlike the PS4 version, this Switch offering manages to include both the original Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun Japanese release and the reskinned, The Warriors-inspired western localisation known as Renegade. While both games play essentially the same, it's nice...

  • News Johnny Turbo Brings Two Crude Dudes To Nintendo Switch Next Week

    Dude, where's my crude?

    Data East fans rejoice because Flying Tiger is bringing yet another unmissable classic to Nintendo Switch - 1991's Two Crude Dudes! It's coming to the eShop next week on 5th July in North America, although retro fans in Europe will have to wait a little longer for a solid release date. Know as Crude Buster in Japan, this...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Johnny Turbo's Arcade: Wizard Fire

    “Poisoned water! I will smash it to bits!”

    Two years after Gate of Doom, Data East once again ventured dangerously close to a Dungeons & Dragons intellectual property infringement lawsuit. Wizard Fire (know as Dark Seal II in Japan) upped its game in the graphics department thanks to new hardware, but was it a better experience than its...

  • News Hamster To Unleash Renegade On The Mean Streets Of Switch

    There's a pair of retro shmups incoming, too

    Hamster will be re-releasing Yoshihisa Kishimoto's iconic beat-'em-up Renegade this upcoming Thursday. Released at the arcades one year prior to 1987 classic Double Dragon, Kunio's debut adventure first won the hearts of Japanese gamers when it was originally released as Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun...

  • News Digital Eclipse Tackles SNK Rotary Joystick Emulation Challenge

    What a twist!

    Capcom and SNK's rivalry actually began a number of years before Street Fighter II and Fatal Fury arrived in the arcades. The "Look, we can do it too!" back-and-forth exchange translated into several classic hits from both sides, including Capcom's 1985 Senjō no Ōkami (better known in the West as Commando) and SNK's Ikari...

  • News August Sees Triple Flavoured Kunio Super Famicom Release

    Baseball, dodgeball and puzzle variety on a single cartridge

    Great news if you're a fan of Kunio and happen to be looking to expand your Super Famicom cartridge collection. A recent Amazon Japan listing has revealed what can be roughly translated as 'Kunio's Triple Play Replica Package', a complete Super Famicom boxed cartridge that brings...

  • News Mutant Football League Switch Gameplay Hits The Field, Looks Absolutely Brutal

    Touchdown or fumble?

    With EA's Madden dropping the ball, American football Switch owners have nothing else to look forward to except Digital Dreams Entertainment unique take on the sport. After the Switch version was revealed at E3, Mutant Football League has now been confirmed for a retail release on Nintendo's hybrid console, re-branded...

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    Review Flashback

    Conrad returns

    It could happen to anyone. One day you’re having a lovely morning enjoying the mundane lifestyle of 2142, the next you discover an alien race has infiltrated the human race and you’re downloading your own mind to a holocube before being captured and memory wiped by the very same species you were about to expose. Conrad B. Hart’s...

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    Switch eShop

    Review GRIDD: Retroenhanced

    It's all in the wrists

    If you were around in the 1980s, you might have stumbled upon a rather odd Disney movie called TRON. This much-loved sci-fi classic was one of the first examples of computer animation used in cinema and a truly memorable one thanks to the art of Jean Giraud (aka Moebius) and Syd Mead's visionary creativity. So if you happen...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Iro Hero

    The tale of the ultimate charging docks

    The Nyagu are an alien species enlightened with good intentions, rainbows and sunshine. Upon meeting mankind for the first time, they grant each and every human the power to conjure electricity from their bodies. Think of the possibilities: no more hassle with power outlets or wires if you needed to charge up...

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    Switch eShop

    Review One Strike

    Live By The Pixel Sword, Die By The Pixel Sword

    With such distinct historical richness it's no shock popular culture has embraced Japanese samurai mythos over the years, including, of course, video games. Samurai Shodown wasn't the first game to take on the subject, but it certainly was the most successful at bringing samurai duelling to the tip of...

  • News Mutant Football League Will Chainsaw Upfield For A Touchdown On The Switch

    Defensive line too strong? Breach them with a shotgun

    Things weren't looking bright for football of the American variety on the Switch, so this news comes with incredibly good timing. Digital Dreams Entertainment is preparing to bring the brutal insanity of Mutant Football League to the Switch. This Unity-driven spiritual sequel to...