Strictly Limited Raging Justice

Team17 and Makin' Games are teaming up with Strictly Limited Games to release a physical copy of Raging Justice on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Pre-orders open at the end of this month on the 31st March.

Much like other physical releases, there'll be two versions available. The first is the standard edition and the second is the limited edition. The limited edition includes the game, exclusive hardcover artbook, Makin's Bar Towel and a Raging Justice button set. There will be 2,700 standard copies available and 1,300 limited editions up for grabs.

If you haven't heard about this game before, it's described as a spiritual successor to the likes of Streets of Rage, Double Dragon and Final Fight, and was developed by the former Rare staffer, Nic Makin. You take control of either Rick Justice or Nikki Rage as you try to clean up the streets. As we previously noted, you can choose to play as a "good" or "bad" cop, with your actions determining which ending you get at the conclusion of the game.

Will you be taking to the streets with this physical release? Tell us down below.