News - 2018, Week 05

Sunday4th Feb 2018

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    Review Night In The Woods

    You can't go home again

    Make no mistake about it, Night In The Woods will stay with you. There aren’t very many games out there that manage to leave an imprint on the people who take the time to experience them, but Infinite Fall’s emotional adventure into rural isolationism, palpable Americana and the melancholy of long lost youth does just...

  • Feature Behind The Scares With Layers Of Fear: Legacy's Bloober Team

    "It will be a descent into madness..."

    Nintendo Switch has its fair share of platformers, shoot-em-ups and retro fighting games, but it's taken a while for the grisly realm of horror to finally make its gruesome home on the handheld platform. Layers Of Fear: Legacy is one of the first to make horror portable, with its unique mixture of first-person...

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