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  • Talking Point What Games Are You Playing This Weekend?

    These are our picks, but what are yours?

    It's a packed session this week as a veritable stampede of writers on Nintendo Life share their chosen gaming goals for the weekend. As you might imagine, there's a lot of Splatoon 2 to be had over the next couple of days, but there's also a handful of unexpected entries, a few predictable entries and even a...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Guilt Battle Arena

    Fast and furious

    Guilt Battle Arena blurs the line between easy-to-play party games and Super Smash Bros.-style arena fighters, throwing you and up to three friends into a frantic, fast-paced fight to the death with a very basic set of controls. It’s all fun and games on the surface with an endearing sense of humour visible from the off, but is it...

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  • Talking Point Nintendo Life's Favourite Games From Switch's First Year

    Here are the games we loved the most on Switch

    This weekend, Nintendo Switch will blow out the candles on its very first birthday cake, marking 12 months of incredible sales, a mainstream takeover and a raft of third-party support. It's been a dream scenario for Nintendo, placing the publisher firmly back in the pantheon of modern gaming, and it has...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Super Toy Cars

    Tabletop chaos

    Everybody loves a bit of Micro Machines, right? Driving toy cars around the most ordinary bits of scenery you can imagine is strangely fun; many kids can happily drive their parents round the bend by whizzing little plastic vehicles up and down the walls, and a whole host of video games have tried to replicate the very idea over the...

Saturday3rd Mar 2018

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    Switch eShop

    Review Outlast: Bundle Of Terror

    Hide and eek

    As shock Switch releases go, Outlast: Bundle Of Terror didn't so much sneak up on us as jump out at us with a knife. Not that we're complaining about this surprise attack. When it comes to horror games, Switch owners have had to take the rough (Hollow) with the smooth (Resident Evil Revelations).   Thankfully, Outlast joins...

  • Feature Nintendo Switch Year One: A Review

    As Switch turns one, we look back at an incredible year

    The Nintendo Switch, eh? Inaugural years don’t come much better than this. Not since the debut year of PlayStation 4 has a modern console enjoyed such a meteoric rise on all fronts. Ever increasing sales; exclusives that are both critical and commercial successes; the new wave of...

  • News Switch Programming Glitch Is Forgetting Your Game Playtimes

    Song of Time not solving the issue

    You will be in for quite a shock if you happen to go revisit your memories of the first year of Nintendo Switch by taking a look at your profile, because you'll likely find your total amount of play time on The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is now a lovely round zero. These widespread reports have...

  • News HAMSTER Drops Next Batch Of ACA Neo Geo Titles (And The Mic)

    SNK: The future is the past

    Warning: Spoilers ahead! If you want to be surprised every week with upcoming Arcade Archives Neo Geo titles you should click onto the next article. If you're okay to living a life without weekly eShop surprises, read on. Coinciding with Nintendo Switch's very first anniversary, HAMSTER has revealed the upcoming ACA Neo...

  • Video Every Single Switch Game Released in Year One

    No game left behind

    The Switch, as it stands, is an unmitigated success both commercially and critically. Developers are flocking to release their games on the system as soon as they can, but just how many games have been released in the first year of this console's life? Short answer, 404 in Western territories. That's over 100 more than the...

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