News - 2017, Week 31

Sunday6th Aug 2017

  • News Dragon Quest Builders 2 Confirmed for Nintendo Switch

    Will it stack up?

    Dragon Quest Builders was a recent title that won quite a lot of fans among series veterans and those that enjoy the sort of gameplay that Minecraft brought to the mainstream. It combined resource accumulation and management with plenty of freedom to build and create the world around you. Blend all of that with adventure elements,...

  • News First Three Dragon Quest Titles Heading to the 3DS in Japan

    Will they make it to the West?

    This weekend has brought the Dragon Quest Summer Festival, and with that there were a few announcements. One of these is pleasing for fans of the very beginning of the franchise, with news that this month will bring the first three games on the 3DS. As you can see, the first two titles will land on the 3DS (and PS4)...

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