News - 2017, Week 16

Sunday23rd Apr 2017

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    Review The Jackbox Party Pack 3

    A Party Everywhere You Go... With Wi-Fi

    The Nintendo Switch is chock full of potential multiplayer gaming memories already, however one game with many more possibilities is The Jackbox Party Pack 3. If you're unfamiliar with the series, The Jackbox Party Pack is an exciting collection of accessible games that up to 8 people can play. It's quite...

  • News The Legend of Zelda Custom Chess Set Now Available

    Take all my Rupees

    Popular board game manufacturer USAopoly has once again gone above and beyond showing its love for The Legend of Zelda series with a beautiful custom chess set. Taking its main inspiration from Ocarina of Time, the pieces all resemble the main characters - with Link as King for the heroes and Ganondorf as the Dark King for the...

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Thursday20th Apr 2017

  • Random Nintendo Officially States Ganondorf's Last Name

    At last, you can now greet him formally

    When you create a fictional multiverse as rich and diverse as that of Zelda's then deciding what is and isn't canon can be a tricky process (as was evidenced when one of our former staffers got into a particularly heated debate with Nintendo PR about the Zelda timeline at an official press event many moons...

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    Review Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    Hitting top gear

    Opting for enhanced and expanded deluxe / director's cut / remastered / Game of the Year editions of last-gen games is a well-worn tactic in the early days of a new console. Some of the most enjoyable games on PS4 and Xbox One are high quality re-releases, taking a top-notch title and sprucing it up for a new generation with all of...

  • News These Splatoon 2 Switch Accessories Certainly Are Quite Fresh

    Gotta love that front cover

    Japanese firm Keys Factory is releasing a range of Splatoon 2 accessories alongside the game later this year. These include Joy-Con covers in both soft-touch silicon and hard-feel plastic, neoprene pouches and - perhaps most exciting of all - flip-down screen covers very much like the ones seen on tablets like the iPad...

Friday21st Apr 2017

  • News NPD Results Highlight Record-Breaking Nintendo Switch Launch

    "March 2017 will go down in history books"

    Last week Nintendo got ahead of the NPD results to highlight the impressive success of the Nintendo Switch launch in the US - among the statistics shared was an attach-rate technically above 100% for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, allied with over 900,000 console sales making the system Nintendo...

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