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    Review Pokkén Tournament DX

    Nintendo used Double-Dip!

    The unholy lovechild of Tekken and Pokémon, Pokkén Tournament caused quite a stir when it was first announced, yet Bandai Namco's one-on-one fighter exceeded expectations when it eventually arrived on the Wii U last year following a successful run in arcades. Given that almost all Pokémon games focus on...

  • News Sega Dreamcast: Collected Works Looks Like A Dream Come True

    Sega's swansong

    We love a good book here at Nintendo Life, and they don't get much better than Read-Only Memory's Collected Works series, which takes an in-depth look at classic consoles. As a follow-on to the excellent Sega Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works there is now a Dreamcast book campaign on Kickstarter.

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    Review Sine Mora EX

    Just don't play the co-op with your ex...

    The shmup genre is understandably much loved by some gamers, as it boils down the basics of gaming. Often intense yet simple to play, difficult but easy to grasp, shoot 'em ups were fundamental in the retro arcade scene and continue to entertain us on modern systems, often as download games or budget retail...

  • News NBA 2K18 Players Report Problems With Corrupted Save Files

    A multiplatform issue

    NBA 2K18 has caused plenty of chortles and debate due to its whopping 5GB space requirement for save data, but it seems that the launch build has some more serious issues. Multiple users have reported the game corrupting and losing save data, which is a particular blow if progress is being made in the My Career mode - some of...

  • News Metroid: Samus Returns Makes Top 10 Debut in UK Charts

    Rayman just outside top 10, NBA 2K18 on Switch nowhere to be seen

    Last week had a few high profile releases across various systems, which means the UK charts are a little more interesting than normal. Well, aside from Destiny 2 staying in top spot. The best new arrival is actually NBA 2K18 in second place, but that doesn't include Switch sales as...

  • News Super Mario Odyssey Has an 'Ages 12 and Up' CERO B Rating in Japan

    May contain some semi-nude plumbers

    Plenty of Switch owners are very excited about Super Mario Odyssey, and it's a game that's amused the internet for some rather random reasons, one of them being a semi-nude Mario. Now the chatter is around its age rating in Japan, which rather passed us by when we reported on the ga

  • Random Modders Turn GoldenEye 007 Into Goldfinger 64

    We expect you to be impressed!

    GoldenEye 007 is one of the N64's most beloved titles; as well as introducing an entire generation of players to the joys of FPS deathmatches it sold by the bucketload and established its developer Rare as one of the UK's most talented codeshops. Fast forward to the present, and industrious modders have taken...

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    Switch eShop

    Review NeuroVoider

    Bye, robot

    For all the genre tags liberally flung at the influx of indie games over the last few years, it could be assumed that a select few terms might have become faux pas, or even derogatory. Despite splintering off into many branches of sub category since its inception, uttering words like 'roguelike' or 'permadeath' can immediately engage as...

  • News Layers of Fear: Legacy Will Bring Horror to the Switch Soon

    "A redesigned masterpiece"

    The range of genres and styles on the Switch eShop continues to grow, and horror is gradually making its mark. It's now confirmed that Layers of Fear: Legacy is heading to the Switch soon, which is good news for those that enjoy some frights. Released on other consoles in early 2016 simply as Layers of Fear, it's a horror...

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    Switch eShop

    Review 36 Fragments of Midnight

    A (very) quick stroll in the moonlight

    The Nintendo eShop is a weird and wonderful place; some games are absolute gems, some are whatever-the-opposite-of-gems-is, and some leave you with more questions after completion than when you first started. 36 Fragments of Midnight falls into that latter category and, whilst it might work successfully if...

  • News Capcom Special Edition Sneakers Now Available for Pre-Order in Japan

    Region locked footwear

    When you’re a games fan there are many way to show off your fandom. Aside for keeping the games on display in mint condition there's figures, books, posters, clothes and all sorts of

  • News New Range of Minecraft Themed Hot Wheels Cars Hit The Track This October

    Imagine a Creeper on wheels

    In recent times, the Hot Wheels brand has collaborated with a number of well-known video game franchises. The Super Mario series has received its own custom Hot Wheels line and games like Rocket League have even featured iconic Hot Wheels by including the Bone Shaker and Twin Mill...

  • News ClusterPuck99 to Bring Party Gameplay and a Suggestive Name to Switch

    Will include exclusive stages

    The Switch is already establishing itself as a nifty party machine with a range of multiplayer games making their mark on the system. ClusterPuck99, published by Coatsink (Shu) and developed by PHL Collection, will aim to join the ranks and become another multiplayer hit on the hardware. With support for up to eight...

  • News Art of Fighting is Scrapping Its Way to the Switch eShop

    Oh yes, there's always another Neo Geo fighting game

    As you may have noticed, the Neo Geo had a few fighting games - oh alright, it had loads of them. That makes sense, of course, as it was the 'arcade at home' that well-off kids owned, and many of us would gravitate to the genre when visiting the arcades. It looks like another is on the way in...

  • Video Check Out All Of Pokkén Tournament DX's Synergy Burst Moves

    Playing with power

    Pokkén Tournament DX launches on Switch this week, and brings with it five characters that weren't previously playable on the Wii U: Croagunk, Empoleon, Darkrai, Scizor and Decidueye.  New Battle Pokémon naturally means new Synergy Burst moves, so we thought we'd compile every single Synergy Burst move in a...

Sunday17th Sep 2017

  • News NES Title Golf is Hidden On Every Switch Console

    (hidden) Hole in one!

    We already knew that every Switch firmware comes with a built-in NES emulator. But further investigation by some very dedicated people has uncovered quite the bogey: the codename of the emulator "flog" spelled backwards is "golf"... that happens to be exactly what those 24 kilobytes happen to be, the NES version of Golf! You...

  • Feature The Complete History of Rockstar Games on Nintendo Platforms

    The good, the bad & the controversial

    Rockstar Games is a business powerhouse at the top of the gaming industry. Producing sales figures some developers could only dream of, with the Grand Theft Auto series reaching over 150 million copies sold, the studio rarely puts a foot wrong. On 7th September it was announced that 1940’s crime title...

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    Switch eShop / Neo Geo

    Review Spin Master

    Short but sweet arcade action

    The fiendish Dr. De Playne has taken Johnny’s treasure map and his girlfriend Mary. A globe-trotting adventure follows as you attempt to get both back, either by yourself or with the help of a friend who is given control of the identically handling Tom.  Despite featuring different characters and a more modern...

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