Can you believe it? The Nintendo Switch has been out for one whole week. But obtaining a Switch is merely one part of the puzzle; there are accessories and other items which are essential parts of console ownership, and we've pulled them all together for you in this handy guide. Is there anything you still need to pick up to optimise your Switch enjoyment?

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Switch Games

You'll want some games do go with your shiny Nintendo Switch, so here are the ones which are out already at retail. Don't forget that many others are also available to download from the eShop.

You can find more games to preorder for the upcoming months in this guide.

Micro SD Cards for Switch

There's only 32GB of storage on the Switch, and more than 6GB of that is taken up by OS files. Thankfully Nintendo has made it easy to boost the portable system's storage using Micro SD cards. While the Nintendo Switch supports Micro SD cards as big as 2TB, these don't exist yet and would be far too expensive for the average consumer even if they did. Realistically at the moment you'll want to buy a 256GB card at the top end, and maybe consider a lower-capacity option if you don't want to hurt your bank balance too much.

These are 3 great options, but check out our Micro SD buyers guide for more.

Switch Accessories

What's a console without accessories, people? There are always additional controllers and gadgets to purchase along with your lovely new machine, so have a look below and see if anything takes your fancy.

These are just a few options to get you started, for loads more check out our Switch accessories buyers guide.

Switch Carrying Cases

The Switch's screen is lovely, but it picks up scratches quite easily - as we've already found out in the Nintendo Life office. For that reason alone you need a carry case - especially if you intended on taking the device out of the house.

For more inspiration, check out our Switch carrying cases buyers guide.

Switch Screen Protectors

A carrying case is only one part of the solution, but some early adopters are scratching that precious screen through normal use in the house. A screen protector might be a wise purchase; here are some of the most popular ones for your consideration.

Power Banks for Switch

The Switch's internal battery offers between three to six hours of use, so if you're planning on taking it out of the house for an entire day you may want to invest in one of these to keep you running.

Feel free to check out our review of the AUKEY 30000 mAh, which we'd highly recommend.

Did you find this guide useful? Do you have everything you need for your Switch now? Sound off in the comments below to tell us.