E3 2013: It's the Ubisoft Presentation - Live!

Here we go... shall we see what Ubisoft have in store?

Live Blog

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

So, E3 is upon us, and welcome to our first live stream of the year from the expo. Why Ubisoft? For one simple reason, it's a publisher and developer that's shown plenty of support for Wii U over the past year. There are some high-profile multi-platform titles coming to the system that'll be shown in greater detail — such as Watch_Dogs and Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag — but the company is also promising some surprises.

With PS4 and Xbox One on the horizon, will Ubisoft bring us any Wii U exclusives? Perhaps the odds are long, but stranger things have happened and the company has gone out of its way in recent times to suggest that Nintendo will revive the system's sales performance.

So, with that optimism in mind, we'll be watching and hoping; at the very least we'll see more of some of the year's hottest games. Oh, and this is the Nintendo Life debut of our new live text format, so we hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for watching, we'll see you tomorrow for Nintendo Direct!

So that was rather disappointing from a Wii U perspective. Ubi has wrapped up.

Tom Clancy's The Division, an online open world RPG title for Xbox One and PS4. Another miss for Wii U.


antdickens said:

THIS looks quite impressive.

Demo is running on a PS4.

Some interesting gameplay here, surely this is made for Wii U with a tablet feature?

This is one heck of a back story, but what is it?

Trials Fusion not confirmed for Wii U, oh dear.

In game footage, hooray!

A stylish Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag trailer but lots of CGI.


ThomasBW84 said:

That music is Sigur Rós, the best thing of the conference, in my opinion.

And now it's Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, brand new trailer.


ThomasBW84 said:

Xbox One = TV once again.

New Just Dance arrives in October, a Wii U GamePad was spotted in the trailer.

Wii U GamePad sighted...


ThomasBW84 said:

Oh yeah, TOP OF THE LIST!!!


antdickens said:

this is the game Tom has been looking forward to, Just Dance 2014!

So Watch_Dogs passes with a CGI trailer. Oh well.

This trailer was released earlier today. If you didn't see it on our YouTube channel, that may mean you haven't subscribed yet. You know what to do...

And now we come to Watch_Dogs, let's see what this brings.

Well, this is a long demo...



ThomasBW84 said:

Online persistent world, may be the killer from a Wii U perspective. Chins up everyone!


antdickens said:

It appears that next gen is always about racing games... we've got lots going up against each other.

The Crew... also NOT for Wii U

Well well, The Crew looks impressive.

Yves Guillemot is on the scene, will Wii U feature in this "next-gen" segment?


ThomasBW84 said:

Ubisoft's going for the "Check US out, we're EDGY" approach again.


Steady on, Nigel!

Ubisoft have a great CGI department...

Now we're looking at The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot... seems to be a PC title.


antdickens said:

I'm guessing this one isn't for Wii U?

Rayman Legends will be released on September 3rd

Onto Splinter Cell: Blacklist, enemies will be killed sneakily.

So, like last year, this could be a bit x-rated...

Oh dear, she's wearing a #girlwood T-Shirt

We've got an excessive amount of rock music at the moment... and the YouTube stream is down.

If you're getting a 502 on the video, try refreshing the page... or waiting for Google to fix something!


antdickens said:

I'm not really sure what to expect from this, I guess it'll be quite like the EA show that's just finished... hope we see some new games for Nintendo consoles though!

Ubisoft's stream politely asks us to "please stand by" for less than 10 minutes now. OK, we will.

We would suggest that you all start predicting wildly in the live comments, but you already are...


ThomasBW84 said:

So what are the odds on a Wii U exclusive here? Not too outrageous, I'd suggest, Ubisoft's been surprisingly enthusiastic in recent comments about the system. Still, expectations in check and all that!

You can follow the Ubisoft presentation with us in 30 minutes. Will the Wii U have any exclusives?

We predict a long section on... Watch_Dogs. Yes! You heard it here first!

Good afternoon, good evening... Ubisoft presentation will commence in just under 55 mins.