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The Conduit Drops Wii MotionPlus Support

Posted by Damien McFerran

Nintendo's yet-to-be-released controller add-on is given yet another blow

Wii MotionPlus – that chunk of plastic that fits in the bottom of your Wii Remote and may (or may not) have the ability to bend the laws of space and time – isn’t out yet. It also looks like it might be delayed due to issues Nintendo is having with getting the damn thing to work properly.

The device has been given another blow with the news that High Voltage Software has removed support from its upcoming Wii FPS The Conduit. Wii MotionPlus support was one of the key selling points when the game was originally confirmed, but when he spoke to recently, High Voltage VP Eric Nofsinger had this to say:

When we actually implemented it for the Conduit, it didn't really add anything for our primarily ranged combat. We had hoped that it would allow for better off screen IR tracking, but the device seems to lend itself more naturally for hand to hand combat where the player can calibrate in-between bouts.

It’s hardly a slight on the peripheral and we’re glad that High Voltage didn’t include it just for the sake of it, but even the most dedicated Nintendo fan would admit that MotionPlus isn’t enjoying the most auspicious introduction to the world of videogames.


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antdickens said:

Hmm.. strange, I never really knew it was meant to use the MotionPlus, neither can I see how it would be much use for a FPS. No major blow here to be honest.



motang said:

Considering the fact that this game is going to be coming out before MotionPlus I am really too worried. I am just glad this year we are getting some "hardcore" games...waiting for the Gamestop to call me as I want to pick my copy of Madworld today.

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