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Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition Revealed

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Capcom let it slip that we are to expect a new Wii Edition of the all popular Resident Evil 4.

An article has been spotted in the latest Famitsu games magazine in Japan, where the game is revealed to be an "ultimate edition" of the game, perfect for those that never played the GC classic.

"Think Resi 4, but with new controls on Wii: and there might also be classic controller usage. It contains the PS2 Ada missions, and has cut scenes in real time like the GC edition. There’s also something about knife-waggling and pointing, but Japanese magazines tend to be in Japanese and are rather confusing. Though, it appears to be proper widescreen with some improved textures."

Awesome, lets hope the Wiimote is used wisely in this one, we'll certainly be looking forward to it.


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Damo said:

This sounds cool but I really wish they would stop putting last gen games on next gen machines. Moves like this will only any to the feeling that the Wii is underpowered, IMO.

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