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Nintendo Stars = Wii Points?

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Website slip up reveals Nintendo Europe set to allow users to exchange "Stars" for Wii Points could be available very soon!

Spotted last week by one of our loyal members, the Nintendo Europe "Stars Catalogue" had an interesting item up for grabs, 1000 Wii Points in exchange for 789 stars! Alas, this deal turned out too good to be true. However, the following email suggests that the feature might be just around the corner.

Dear Nintendo fan,

Last Friday we have been running internal tests in the Stars Catalogue on our website. Unfortunately, because of a mistake during the testing phase, the Wii Points item accidentally appeared on the website between 4pm and 8pm.

We noticed that you have accessed the Stars Catalogue during this testing period, and that you spent 789 Stars on the item, without
getting any Wii Points in return.

First of all, we want to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

This item is not available in the Stars Catalogue, and the price of 789 stars used during the testing period was entirely random.

However, we understand that this may have caused a disappointment. So, as we know how committed you are to Nintendo - and given the exceptional circumstances - we decided to electronically send you 1000 Wii points, if you'd like that. In case you do not want to get these Wii Points, we will of course reimburse the amount of Stars you spent.

Please allow us some time to properly prepare the opportunity for you to choose between Wii Points or Stars. You will receive a follow-up email from us soon, so please keep an eye on your inbox."

There you have it, will Nintendo start allowing us to exchange Stars for Wii Points? Let's hope so!


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Nanaki said:

I would love it if that was the exact translation of Wii points! Although I somehow think it will be something like 2:1.



hero-of-time said:

I got 4000 star points saved up and i cant wait use them, i notice that age of empires recently sold for 5000. Lets say if that retails at £30 and 1000 wii points for £15 then we will be paying 2500 for 1000 wii points. cutting post and packing id say 2000 so Nanaki........ your spot on!!! 2:1



RED said:

it's not like their losing money now is it as you've already forked out for the games that included said stars points... what will be good is the chance to finally get something more useful than poxy ringtones or wallpapers... hurry up Ninty cos my 11,000 + points are burning a hole...



Damo said:

I bought 1000 of these points and got the same email as above...I have over 5,000 Stars points and would love to splash them on some Wii-related goodness!

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