American Research Analyst P.J. McNealy commented on the Nintendo Wii's launch:

"Nintendo's launch has been probably a little better than expected and Sony's has been a little bit more disappointing," McNealy says. "If you have to rank on who won this holiday so far, Microsoft is first, Nintendo a close second and Sony a distant third, which is a rare statement."

According to statements from New Media Strategies, a firm that monitors the web activity related to products, many gave up hope on the PS3 and settled for a Wii instead. About 49% of online discussions were favorable to Wii, compared with 27% for PS3.

On its website Entertainment Weekly gave the Wii a score of B+ while giving the PS3 an inferior rating of a B.

"The Wii slightly edges out the PS3 in our head-to-head because it has a blockbuster Zelda game at launch and a very attractive price point."

Opinions are torn between Wii and PS3, but it seems according to public opinion and sales figures the Wii is on top at the moment. Things are certain to change but Nintendo certainly has the headstart.

Who turns every next-gen console release into a war anyway?