Many German games are never released outside Germany, and if they are, they often suffer from bad marketing and terrible voice-over and translation. Anaconda want to change this though, and the next game in the Undercover series will be exclusive for the Nintendo DS, and it will be developed for the English speaking audience.

Like the PC game, Undercover: Dual Motives will be set in Nazi-Germany during world war II, and you play as the physicist and spy Dr. John Russell, accompanied by Audrey (apparently with no last name) you'll work at a British Research facility, where you will investigate all the creepy stuff that happened during the war, and obviously the Germans are the bad guys in this game.

As for the control system, Dual Motives is a traditional point-and-click adventure game, so we'll probably see something similar to the old classics from LucasArts, but even more intuitive as it uses the touch screen of the DS.
Another very interesting part of the control system, is that both of the investigators will have their own screen, so you simply select the character you want to play as, and he or she will jump down to the touch screen. Using both of them, you'll solve puzzles and other stuff that you usually do in point-and-click games.

"This opens up a lot of new possibilities for puzzle design in adventure games, which will make Undercover: Dual Motives a very special gaming experience not only for genre fans", explains Harald Riegler, Creative Director at developer Sproing. "Of course, we are aware that Undercover: Dual Motives is one of very few adventure games on the Nintendo DS. We want to use this platform to apply the unique capabilities of the DS to the game and the genre, but we also want to win new types of players for the Undercover franchise and the adventure gaming genre", says Claas Wolter, PR manager of Anaconda.

Undercover: Dual Motives is scheduled for release next year, starting with Germany in late March.