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Factor 5 Not Liking Wii?

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Star Wars: Rouge Squadron developer "disappointed" with Wii hardware, dubbed "Gamecube 1.5"

Reported today by CVG, an interview with Factor 5 from this months EGM has seen the developer voice their disappointment in the Wii hardware.

"Factor 5, currently developing Lair for the PS3, deemed the Wii a "GameCube 1.5" in reference to its relatively similar technical specifications, also describing the console's audio ability as "relatively mediocre"."

Factor 5 were hand in hand with Nintendo for the launch of Gamecube with the impressive Rouge Squadron II, it now seems unlikely that Factor 5 will develop for Nintendo's new platform. We'll monitor the situation and see if Factor 5 change their mind once they see the sales figures.


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