Good times are rolling in Japan today, the sake must be flowing as Nintendo post figures from the first quarter of 2006 (April, May, June).

"For the first quarter, the company confirmed net sales of 130.9 billion Yen (£605 million), up 85% compared to the same period twelve months ago, when sales topped 70.7 billion Yen (£327.1 million). Operating income on the year leapt by a massive 667.1% from 3.6 billion Yen (£16.7 million) in the first quarter of 2005/06 to 28.8 billion Yen (£133.2 million), whilst net income rose by 10.2% from 14.1 billion Yen (£65.2 million) to 15.6 billion Yen (£72.2 million)."

Excellent news for Japanese giant, it's nice to see Nintendo in a strong fiscal position as we approach another big launch event with Wii. The increase in profits this first quarter will mainly be due to the huge success of the DS Lite in all regions.

In addition to this, New Super Mario Bros and Brain Training titles have both brought in large number of sales over the period.

[via totalvideogames.com]