After the lull of the Sony E3 Press Conference, one of the main pieces of information was the release date of the PS3. Remember remember the 17th of November, the day the PS3 will launch. However, this week IGN.com's Matt Casamassina has suggested that the Wii will in fact release first.

"On top of everything else, this week industry sources have relayed that - in something of a surprise attack -- "Nintendo is planning to launch Wii before PlayStation 3." The latest word jives with publisher release calendars, whose Wii titles are scheduled in many cases for a mid-to-late October debut or, in some cases, very early November.

Unsubstantiated rumors around the Web have further suggested that Wii could debut on November 6 of this year. IGN Wii is unable to validate these reports."

We're yet to hear any strong rumours ourselves, but lets hope Matt is right. After all, releasing ahead of the PS3 would be a very good move by Nintendo.

[via wii.ign.com]