Turning heads; Nintendo's strong E3 presence caught some people by surprise. It seems the previously Nintendo-sceptic Grand Theft Auto publisher Take Two have changed their minds and recently shown interest in creating games for the Wii platform.

"The reception this platform received at the E3 show, you know, is one that makes us take a real strong look at it, And as we grow our sports business, there are opportunities with our sports games to extend them to the Wii system," he added, noting that baseball in particular - for which Take-Two holds an exclusive license - would be ideal, as would some of its other non-licensed franchises."

Nintendo's old third party support shadow slowly seems to be lifting as more and more top developers express their interest in what could be a gaming revolution.

Take Two haven't yet announced any titles for Wii, but rest assured we'll know about it when they do.

[via gamesindustry.biz]