From today those faithful gamers of the UK have the chance to vote for the Golden Joystick Awards 2006, the world's oldest games recognition ceremony first held back in 1982.

"Promising to be bigger than ever, the Golden Joystick Awards 2006 will feature 17 award categories and are the only UK gaming awards to be voted for by those who matter – gamers themselves! Last year, almost 200,000 UK gamers had their say on what deserved a prestigious Golden Joystick, and now organisers want YOU to help smash the 250,000 votes mark."

Obviously it's been some what of a "lite" year for Nintendo on the console side of things, but they've been busy in the portable market with a vast selection of DS titles impressing us over the last 12 months.

The 17 categories are as follows:

  • Ultimate Game of The Year
  • Publisher of The Year
  • The One to Watch For 2007
  • Editor's Choice Award
  • Retailer of The Year
  • Soundtrack Award
  • Online Game of The Year
  • PC Game of The Year
  • PlayStation Game of The Year
  • Xbox Game of The Year
  • Nintendo Game of The Year
  • Handheld Game of The Year
  • Innovation Award
  • Kids Game of The Year
  • Favourite Character Award
  • Girls Choice Award
  • Multiplay Game of The Year

The final results of the Golden Joystick Awards will be announced at a glitzy award ceremony, held at London’s Park Lane Hilton on Friday, 27th October. This year, the Golden Joystick Awards get their first TV show, hosted by MTV babe, Emma Griffiths and will also be webcast live, on the CVG website.

Don't forget to visit GoldenJoystick.co.uk and give Nintendo your support!

[via goldenjoystick.co.uk]