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IGN Snag Revolution Dev Kit

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Those extremely lucky kids over at IGN have bagged a Revolution Dev Kit and decide to tell us all about it.

Reggie recently revealed that Revolution Development Kits had been shipped off to games developers around the world, IGN have reported on a "Hands On" session with one of the kits.

The freehand-style remote included in the preliminary kit is neither as well produced nor as finalized as the slick hardware Nintendo has showcased in official photos. It's not wireless, for starters. But even from a visual standpoint, it's different, sporting a grayish color and a flimsy, plastic-like design. It's much lighter in the hands than we had anticipated, which makes sense given that it doesn't use batteries. The unit is powered through its wired connection to the GCN development hardware. The final, wireless controller will need batteries, which should give it some weight.

Obviously we shouldn't read too much into the development version, as duh, its not actually finished. The article is certainly worth a read if your intrigued about the Revolution controller and how exactly the development kits work.


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antdickens said:

Yeah, I'm still kinda in two minds about the controller, we still don't really know what to expect. I guess none of us will really know untill we've actually had a go with one!

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