You may hate Bill Gates, for whatever reason, but he's not a stupid guy. He's probably the reason your here now, on a computer, whether you like it or not. Being behind one of Nintendo's rivals, it would be easy to slam the Revolution -- but that would be a little naive. The two systems are quite different, in an array of subjects.

Big Bill has recently mentioned Nintendo and the Revolution in an interview in the US. He actually gives Nintendo quite a compliment in terms of rivals, saying that "They [Nintendo] march to the beat of a different drummer". I'd have to agree, Western and Eastern game design is quite different, just look at the arcades in Japan and it all becomes clear.

Maybe we prefer Nintendo's drummer better, lets say, Dave Grohl. Where as Microsoft's drummer must be, whatever-his-name-is from Coldplay. Ah hem! anyways, Gates went on to tell us more.

"Sometimes that makes them incredibly right and sometimes that makes them incredibly wrong. They're certainly making a very different bet in terms of how much they're putting into the graphics this time. I do think there is a question as to whether they can get outside the young age bracket at all. That's been tough for them."

Indeed, an honest answer. Time will tell.

[via ferrago.com]