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The video game will be a charming party game with this features: a collection of mini-games designed for a broad age group of casual game players.

Comparing to products, the game will provide players with challenging, fun and educational activities that teach good values while providing encouragement and rewards in a very visual sense. The LUV ME BUDDIES brand is very popular in UK and has universal appeal and is becoming increasingly known throughout the world thanks to the many licensing projects developed and in continuous developing.

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Posted by Tim Latshaw

Luv Me Don't

The Luv Me Buddies seem to do a number of things right when creating a new children’s brand. A menagerie of cute and cuddly characters? Check. A silly but charming origin story? Check. Hints of personality? Check. A lovable, entertaining game that...

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RossThered said:

the article is too negative, the game is not so bad. I tried it at home of my grandchildren, they enjoy playing with it, it certainly is not a masterpiece, but it is a game for children.

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