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Tumble Pop (GB / Game Boy)

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In the future, the world is infested with strange beasties and weird mutations. So grab your trusty Vacuulator, suck up those critters, and make the world fit for humans again!

This classic action platformer tasks you with vacuuming up all the evil mutants, robots and aliens, and blasting them back at each other.

Tumble and pop your way through eight worlds in the single player game, and you can also get creative in Construction Mode and make your own levels!

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Posted by Mike Mason

Tumble Pop and lock

In the future, nests of hornets will be the least of pest control's worries. Tumble Pop is filled with strange beasts, from living skeletons to little grey aliens, manic clowns and Sweetums from The Muppets. In this arcade platformer, it's your job to...

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Fabian said:

The Arcade Version looks so good while this just looks decent really hope the Arcade Version finds its way to Wii/U VC

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