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  • Review Woah Dave! (Wii U eShop)

    Woah indeed

    Many of the titles released today feel the need to tell a story or develop characters throughout an intricate campaign. Woah Dave! is not one of these games. It is a frantic, arcade-inspired platformer with a dizzying amount of obstacles and a focus on high scores. Players may start out confused, but once they get the hang of the...

  • News Woah Dave! Getting Free Deluxe Update On 3DS, Also Coming To Wii U

    New levels and characters promised

    Woah Dave! developer Choice Provisions has revealed that the game is getting a "Deluxe" update on the 3DS. Woah Dave! Deluxe - which has just hit Steam - features two new levels, a host of new characters, boss battles, fresh enemy types, UFOs you can ride, a "classic" mode which returns everything to how it was in...

  • News Woah Dave! May Become a Real NES Cartridge Release


    Woah Dave!, a 3DS eShop title that we reviewed late last year, may just be arriving on the console that inspired the game's alien-exterminating mechanics, as well as gaming as a whole - the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Tiny Cartridge has spoken with Choice Provisions Director Jason Cirillo and learned that the company has tentative...