Tag: Stunts

  • News Wii Fit Inspires New YouTube Craze

    And it’s one that we most certainly approve of

    It may be harder to find than rocking horse shit these days, but Wit Fit is nevertheless causing quite a stir in living rooms all over the world. It seems that the fairer sex simply can’t get enough of it, and as if to illustrate this fact there’s been a flood of clips cropping up on YouTube...

  • News Mario In Space Training

    Nintendo's rather Super large Mario took to the skies this week with the one and only Buzz Aldrin for a lesson in zero-g.

    Mario, Nintendo's iconic video game character, and Dr. Buzz Aldrin float in zero-gravity atmosphere to train for Mario's upcoming game set in space, Super Mario Galaxy for Wii on November 03, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The game...