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  • News Masato Maegawa Talks Shoot 'em Up Designs and Sin and Punishment

    A blast from the past

    The shoot 'em up genre is one that's seemingly been around for nearly as long as video games have. While they do certainly have a limited appeal, these types of games offer up what could certainly be argued as the purest arcade experiences, with lightning fast reflexes and pattern recognition being absolute musts. Treasure is...

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    Review Sin and Punishment

    On the rails and off the hip

    It's no secret that many Japanese titles never see the light of day overseas. Countless games have been unreleased for fear of lack of public interest and fear of bad. This was the initial reason Sin and Punishment, released in 2000, never surfaced on the Nintendo 64 outside of Japan. The hectic shoot'em up only made...

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    Review Sin and Punishment: Star Successor

    Treasure's cult classic returns for a second helping of laser death

    When the original Sin and Punishment was passed over for Western release back in 2000 it marked one of the cruellest injustices video gaming has ever experienced. Thankfully this crime has now been partially rectified by the release of Treasure's gloriously chaotic cult classic on...