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    Hell is other people

    Neo Geo fans never had to look far when feeling the need to get on some puzzle action in order to take a break from all the fighting, thanks to many an excellent offering from Taito and Data East. But even nowadays, Gururin remains the odd puzzler out. So why did Face’s 1994 offering leave no mark in MVS history? At its...

  • News The Garment-Matching Madness Of Gururin Is Next Week's ACA Neo Geo Release

    Shuffling people around

    After some intense fighting and shmuping retro weeks, a change of pace is in order: a match-three puzzle game is on the menu for next week's HAMSTER Neo Geo release. Developed by Face, and published in 1994, Gururin sees you trying your best to match at least three people wearing the same colour vestments with a literal...