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    Review Gotcha Racing 2nd

    No race for second place

    When Gotcha Racing arrived on the 3DS back in 2015 it received particular praise for its simple pick-and-play setup, the unexpected depth dictated by luck of the virtual Gashapon car parts and that moreish Micro Machines-esque gameplay. Three years later and on new hardware, will lighting strike twice as Gotcha Racing...

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    Review Gotcha Racing

    A delight at every turn

    Gotcha Racing is about as simple as racing games come, but it's far more addictive than most. The concept is derived from Japan's Gachapon capsule toys — small, highly collectible toys that usually go for about 100 yen apiece. It's this concept that drives the heart of the game. When you first start Gotcha Racing you'll be...

  • News Natsume Revs Up Fresh Gotcha Racing Screens, Gameplay Details

    Top-down racer coming this Summer

    Natsume has released screens for its forthcoming top-down racer Gotcha Racing, which is due to arrive on the 3DS this Summer. Developed by Arc System Works and taking inspiration from the likes of Micro Machines and Super Cars, Gotcha Racing's unique selling point is that the vehicles you drive are constructed from...