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  • Review Flinthook (Switch eShop)

    A real treasure

    Every possible twist on the roguelite is being represented on the Switch eShop right now, and it's fair to say that there are a few great examples. From the twin-stick robotic shooting of Neurovoider to groovy dungeon crawling in Crypt of the NecroDancer, many conventions have been tried and tested, almost to the point of saturation...

  • News Flinthook Releases on the Switch eShop on 9th March


    Last month, it was revealed that Tribute Games would be bringing its latest action platformer, Flinthook, to the Switch eShop, while Limited Run Games also confirmed that it would be doing a batch of physical cartridges later on down the line. Evidently, the announcement came relatively far along in the poritng process, as the studio just...

  • News Flinthook Swings Onto the Switch Digitally and Physically in 2018

    A different kind of Space Pirate

    The Switch has had no shortage of excellent indie games in the last year, fueled in no small part by the convenience offered by the portability of the console. More often than not, indie games are much shorter than AAA games, but that just makes them that much more suited to a console that can be played on the go in...