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So, coming full circle on the year, we see another Raving Rabbids title launched- aptly named Rayman Raving Rabbids 2. Read on to find out what the crazy critters have to offer this time round...

With the new game, comes a new part to this story. After having their way with Rayman's world, the Rabbids set off to conquer ours. The beginning of the game shows a fantastic introduction where the Rabbids are superimposed seamlessly into actual video footage of cities. The scale of this invasion is apparent by the countless number of flying yellow submarines deploying the hordes of the Rabbid army all over the world. Their intentions are made clear when they attack, with plungers, the poor news reader presenting the breaking news. Never fear though, because Rayman is coming to the rescue again! Although goodness knows how he managed to get out of that hole...

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The games themselves are similar in fashion to those of the first title. Each and every one of them requires you to perform some kind of interactive gesture with the Wiimote and Nunchuck. Sometimes you will be twisting to avoid objects, other times you will be pointing the Wiimote at a Rabbid and using the Nunchuck to slap it... You'll even be shaking it vigorously to unblock a toilet (first time I have seen one of the Rabbids use their plunger in the correct context!). There will be moments where you need to cooperate with another player too: like in the bicycle race, where one player peddles and the other steers. Oh, and you will also be spitting in coffee...

The music rounds have made a welcome return to the game, albeit in a slightly different form: This time Rayman is part of a four-piece band and you must perform the on-screen commands in harmony to play Rabbid covers of popular songs. Personally, I feel this is a good laugh, and much better than the dancing game from last year. Shooting rounds are back as well, but this time they consists of Rabbids running around actual cities: It's cleverly done, and quite amusing to see- if somewhat a little slow paced.

Once you have completed each mini-game in the Trip mode you can access them again at any time in Free Play mode. You can also mix 'n' match these to make a custom trip- negating the random selection of mini-games. You can also unlock costumes for your Rabbids by completing them: these include Ninja Turtles, Naruto, Spiderman, Sam Fisher, Hippies, Snake charmers... you just name it!

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Visually speaking; Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 flows a lot better than its predecessor. The animations seem to be more refined, and the effort gone into superimposing the Rabbids into real life footage (for the cutscene's, and shooting games) is fantastic. The noises are as wacky as ever, with several thousand 'BWAAAAAAAAAAH's' barraging you whilst you play. Its all high quality stuff.


But the greatness of the game only lies in its multiplayer mode: There simply is nothing worthwhile in playing this one alone. I strongly advise against purchasing this if you do not like getting the mates round for a bit of crazy Wii action. You would do a lot better playing the first Raving Rabbids game if you just wanted the single player experience.