Image: The Pokémon Company

The Build-A-Bear Pokémon line keeps on growing and the next one announced is the Sword and Shield starter Sobble. It follows from other releases like Growlithe and Grookey.

This Water-type Pokémon will set you back $64 / £50 and comes with a 5-in-1 sound chip, matching blue cape and themed shirt.

"No tears here—Sobble is happy to be the newest Pokémon plush at Build-A-Bear Workshop! Pokémon Trainers will only be crying happy tears when adding this adorable Sobble plush to their collection. This Water-type Pokémon has a curly tail, large eyes and a yellow fin on its head. Make an action-packed splash by bringing home your own Sobble plush along with its matching blue cape, shirt and 5-in-1 sound chip included!"

You can order Sobble from the Build-A-Bear website in the US and UK now. The Water-Type will be made available in-store soon.

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