Belgian developer Glowfish Entertainment's debut game Trifox rides in on the bushy tail of Tunic's Switch arrival to ask a key question: what if your fox protagonist had explosives — or magic, or a giant hammer for that matter? The answer can be found when the game releases on Switch on October 13th,a full day before other consoles!

Every great hero needs a relatable driving force such as a stolen princess or a dead dog (two somewhat disparate examples but you get the picture). Trifox isn't quite as gruesome as Mr. Wick's killer instigation, but its revenge set-up is nonetheless relatable as the hero gets his TV remote stolen (the horror).

The game looks set to offer you a number of different paths of attack (as seen in the trailer above), letting you choose between taking down your enemies with magic, gadgets, or a massive hammer. Seeing the little fox run around causing explosions feels distinctly Ratchet & Clank-ian if you ask us, and it will be nice to see a Nintendo console get in on the fun.

For a full range of what Trifox has in store, check out the list of features below:

- Three different classes: Wield a giant hammer as a Warrior! Master magic and mystery as a Mage! Use a backpack full of gadgets as an Engineer!
- Mix-and-match styles: Customise your Trifox by combining different class-based abilities! Want to cast spells and fire a Gatling Gun? No problem!
- 30 abilities to unlock: Collect and spend coins to gain new skills, such as Spike Slam, Shield Bubble, Guided Missile, and many more!
- Four worlds to beat: Fight hordes of enemies, traverse platforming pitfalls, overcome environmental puzzles, and battle big angry bosses!
- A modern retro adventure: A new and fresh experience designed to evoke the spirit of classic 3D platformers!

Although the gameplay looks a little chaotic (who would have thought that explosions and magic could have such an effect?) we are intrigued by the mixture of 3D platform and top-down shooter aesthetics. And hey, you can never have too many fox-themed games to play at once, right?

Trifox will release early next month on the Switch eShop for $19.99 (or your regional variant) and will be subject to a 10% launch discount for a limited time.

What do you make of Trifox? Burrow down to the comments to let us know!